49cc Bike Motor Kit Common Problems

Here is a review of our two stroke 49 cc bike motor kit after writing it for three weeks. These 2-stroke gas motorized bike kits always need adjusting and maintenance, and you will find things breaking and needing to be repaired. In our case, the chain tensioner always needs to be adjusted, and it has fallen apart. The throttle cable broke, the choke stays on while you are riding and less you got tape it down, the exhaust manifold gasket blew out, and sometimes the gas leaks out of the carburetor into the muffler. Overall, we had to do a lot of work to keep this two stroke gas motorized bike kit on our bike working properly, but it has been a lot of fun and educational as well.



41 thoughts on “49cc Bike Motor Kit Common Problems

  1. I have a used engine that looks the same. I want to know what engine it is. Can they look the same and have different cc.
    Where to get parts

  2. Please help me. The spark plug does not give a spark. Please write me how resistence have magneto stator coil. Thanks.

  3. I just got my kit running and already ran into an issue. I was running it for 10 minutes and then hit a shale backroad by my house and the clutch casing bolts came undone and I had no clutch. It was a fun walk home, I need to start carrying a tool kit on me to fix these things.

  4. I got a 50cc mini bike keeps losing compression so I decided to seal all the opening with high temp silicone works fine for now

  5. Sounds like you need to get an old Atlas lathe or that Harbor Freight, mini-lathe & a third axis attachment. That way, you can put cutters in the chuck and use it as a mill when needed.
    Thanx for the post. It's nice to know what to expect. Fortunately, I already have a mill & lathe.

  6. It's very common for a to fill up like that just start to lean out your fuel mixture slowly very slowly but a good oil-based art is really good to lube a fresh motor up then slowly bring it leaner and it will run much cleaner

  7. my throttle cable broke lose on the handle end. i also had to tie down the choke. I'll have to check the exhaust gasket, my engine was popping out from somewhere,

  8. My bike won't go full speed anymore. I leaned it out all the way, it did nothing. I richened it all they way. Made it a little more sluggish. I changed the gap on the plug. Carb is clean. IDK what to do.

  9. I had the same problem with the muffler leaking. What i did was i used plenty of gasket maker and nylon locking nuts on the muffler. Havent had a problem since.

  10. Ive run into all thse exact problems. I wired down my choke lever. I also currently am working on fixing my head. It is bent downwards on the sides and leaks fuel mixture from the GASKETED seal. Upon removal, the had was found to have warped from the heat of combustion as i had the bolts torqued to GASBIKE.NET specifications. I also like your description of the "chain temsioner".

  11. Great video! I have the same engine and it's been working great until today, I pedal up to speed let the clutch out and the back tire just freezes and I skid to a stop. Any ideas why?

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