4age – Full engine rebuild stop motion

Here’s a stop motion time lapse video of a full assembly of the Toyota 4AGE 16v engine, as found in the ae86 trueno levin corolla, toyota mr2 aw11, as well as other toyota vechicles like the corona, sprinter, carina, and even the Chevrolet Nova and Geo Prizm.

This video and engine is a product of two years of collecting parts, learning things I previously knew nothing about, saving money and then finally putting it all together.

The 4age is a sporty 1600cc 124hp (116 with cat) 4 cylinder engine with a 7600 rpm redline and is one of the best sounding 4 cylinders out there. It’s a simple and reliable yet entertaining and exciting engine that loves to be revved and driven hard. By today’s standards its under-powered and outdated but it still has a faithful following due to its great character. It is also what Initial D protagonist Takumi Fujiwawa has in his famous ae86.

The particular engine assembled in this video is a 4age 16v bigport from my 1987 MR2 mk1. The engine has been lightly modded with some technotoytuning adjustable cam pulleys, HKS valve springs, mild catcams camshafts (2x 7105136 exhaust cams, with 8.0mm of lift and 244 degress of duration). It also has domed 4age smallport pistons and a very mild head and block cut, leading to a final compression ratio of about 10.4:1. The block has been bored 0.5mm and oversized cast pistons and rings fitted.

This is a street build and goal was to give the engine a small increase in power and make the engine more lively and exciting, but also keep it as reliable as possible. This is why the engine has remained non-interference. The crankshaft, flywheel, clutch pressure plate, pistons and conrods have all been balanced to ensure the engine revs as smooth as possible and copes well with high-rpm.

Here’s the more important stuff listed:
Crank bearings: OEM
conrod bearings: OEM
conrod bolts: ARP
Head bolts: OEM
Main cap bolts: OEM
Head gasket: OEM
Cams: Catcams 8.0 lift, 244 duration
Cam pulleys: techno toy tuning
Valve springs: HKS
Flywheel: oem blacktop
Clutch: Aisin
All gaskets: OEM

All of the parts received one or more combinations of the following: cleaning, blasting, galvanisation, painting.

A more detailed video of the assembly with torque specs, part numbers and instructions is coming soon.

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29 thoughts on “4age – Full engine rebuild stop motion

  1. Do you have any recommendations on how to approach our engine in maintenance or rebuilds if we have a 4age head and a 4 c block?
    I found a original SR5 coupe with this build and a spare motor which is a 7afe and I want to make sure I maintenance it correctly, and also find out what is the best motor for overall use.

    Thank you for posting the assembly segment, I'm a very kinesthetic/visual learner so this helped a boat load!

  2. After my last post, I just realized you have other videos detailing your rebuild..this is awesome, and likely a huge time saver. I'm definitely subscribed, and so too should others who are interested in doing their own 4age rebuilds. 🙂

  3. Very nice! How long does it take for the rebuild, from the point you start to take apart the engine to the the point you turn the key after all the corrections, tuning and it runs the way you want it to??

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