4HP Briggs and Stratton engine

here is a clip of a trash find briggs and stratton engine, the results why the engine won’t start…. because the breaker points plunger was upside down, it fires right up… runs like a top, now i am going to find a moped or scooter with a blown engine and swap it out from a junk chinese engine to a dependable briggs engine with a chain drive

Briggs stratton engine trash find free junk tecumseh motor



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  1. I made an engine like this out of legos (a single cylinder) and it sounds like my really old go kart, which is a briggs. Thanks for posting.

  2. i have one of these on my go kart(4hp) been workin on the pull cord it will start the motor but wont run back in i think the spring is worn out its at the shop now so they can replace it lookin forward to gettin a 6.5 or somthin more powerful

  3. @jazarraonandia, it's ok, a diaphram is like a fuel pump that pumps fuel into the carb for proper air/fuel mixture, to locate the diaphram, look at the muffler next to the carb, there is 4 screws that holds the cover, that is where the diaphram is located, to get to it, the muffler has to come off in order to get the plate off there

  4. @SpiritsoftheWolf umm… sry for bein the biggest newbie ever but wth is a diahpram.. and say it in a words that a 13yr old would understand if possible. THnx for the help btw.

  5. @jazarraonandia, you might need to put in new set of points and condensor, or upgrade to magnetron and put in new spark plkug, and it should start up, but if the engine don't stay running, but runs on starting fluid, replace the diaphram in the cover next to the muffler, good luck

  6. i have 2 briggs engines. got a 5hp in a chipper shredder at a garage sale for $10. It will strt but it only runs on starter fluid. then my neighbor gave me a 4hp for free. He strted it up rite away and i got it and cudnt strt it at all. MY dad got it strted but now it wont strt even with strter fluid. I think i want eithr new carbs(if i can get my hands on some) or hav sum1 show me how to rebuild them. IS ther anywhere i can get brand new carbs for cheap? I bet i could go 2 sears and get stuff.

  7. @wildwelder87, yup my guess that people don't want anything that don't work or don't want put money in it, it's cheaper than buying a new engine or mower, unless the engine is way beyond repair

  8. it's crazy what people throw away. i was at the junkyard last year and ran across an early 70's 3 horse Briggs mated to a cast iron water pump that was upside down on top of a scrap heap. both the pump and engine were in great shape with original decals and had compression so i hauled it to the front and bought it for 5 bucks. took 'er home and cleaned the points, changed the oil, and filled the gas tank and it fired right up with no smoke or knocks just needs a carb rebuild and new gaskets.

  9. @portelas1, normally the engine that uses for snowthrowers don't need one, because no dust flys around in winterdays, don't ask me why, my MTD snowthrower tecumseh engine on it dont even have an air cleaner, they do use air cleaners in mowing season but winter, nope, wierd if you ask me, LoL

  10. I have the same exact engine as in this video in a snow blower but mine does not have the air filter do you know if i really need the air filter. i just got the snow blower a few days ago so don"t know if is working good or not
    thank you

  11. Nice i have a 1960 Briggs 2HP great engine started right up after sitting for 15 years outside in the dirt, it was a sad sight when i found it in my backyard my stupid dad threw it out there before i was born, then a year ago i thought one day i was going to start it a week after i got a new plug for it and fresh gas i was amazed how quick it started and how beautiful it ran, You can depend on your Brigg and Stratton!!

  12. i have a 1977 4hp briggs. mine just has carb issues from sitting for 10 or so years with nasty gas!!! yuk!!!! but a new diaphram and suction tubes ought to help.

  13. actually, the difference of the 3 and 4 hp models, are the bore and flywheels 3 hp flywheels are smaller than the 4, 5, 6, hp, same way with the 7, 8, 9 or higher, have bigger flywheels than the 4, 5, 6hp engines, along with bigger bores

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