15 thoughts on “#5 – Briggs and Stratton 5HP 130202 – Piston and rings installation

  1. Nice and easy to understand video's.
    What about the crank, there is nothing about in in the video's?
    What oil was that 5W30?

  2. @tv175s3 I have edited video #6 to include the crankshaft and camshaft installation. The oil that I used was just some random engine oil from my shop. However, most small engines recommend SAE30. Winter engines (snow throwers) should use 5W30.

    I have a bias toward Amsoil and will be putting 0W30 synthetic oil in this engine.
    Thanks for watching.

  3. I have no idea what kind of a gap you would need. When placed into the cylinder of the engine, the rings will be squeezed tighter around the piston anyway. Just make sure to stagger the gaps so oil doesn't leak through and cause your engine to smoke.

  4. Use caution on oil weights. Check the manufactures recommendation. Some can use a straight 30w, but others MUST run 5w30 or 10w30.

  5. i have this same engine only the starter is one peice it's black it has the model only, type and code have been scratched out. Does that mean maybe someone stole it and scratched them off?

  6. These numbers are not like a vehicle identification number on a car. Small engines do not need to be registered like automobiles. So if somebody stole it and wanted to hide the engine identification, they were wasting their time. The type number identifies the engine mechanical parts, color of paint, decals, governed speed and Original Equipment Manufacturer. The code number identifies the assembly date of the engine.
    Thanks for watching.

  7. I enjoyed your video ! Why not just squeeze the rings one at a time instead of that tool where u cant see the rings? would a132232 have the same size rings as your model, what size are they? I have a smokey one to fix and i cant find the specs for it.

  8. I have a 5hp Brigg from 1983 it a 130297 1665 01. My question is can I deglaze/hone the cylinder wall? Its all aluminum, no cast iron sleeve. I heard u should not run a hone thru it, just install new rings and it should seat itself? The cylinder wall looks pretty good, no major scarring or problems. Whats your opinion? Thanks and another great video!

  9. hello friend,i have this engine and i have a problem
    My engine to smoke,mix oil and gasoline
    Warms up quickly and turned off
    I have replace piston and rings,but i don't know the size of the rings
    Can you help me,do you know the size of the rings?
    Thanks in advance..

  10. hi ! thanks for posting this video as I now realize I do not have the tools or experience to change my piston rings on my Quantum 40 BS. I shall however save this project for a rainy day in the future when i'm better equipped.

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