5 HIDDEN LEXUS LS430 FEATURES you didn't know about!!

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As one of the best models Lexus has ever made, the LS430 is packed with features, some of which aren’t even listed on the owner’s manual!
Disclaimer: My model is the Modern Luxury edition facelifted LS430. Some of the features I mention may not apply to earlier years or different trims. I’m pretty much just showing what I learned about my car lol

Also, thanks for sticking with me everyone, here’s a little video I threw together after a bit of inspiration over the past few weeks driving my car around and realizing there’s a lot I’m still learning about it lol!

Now there’s definitely WAY more than 5 hidden features so if you know some that I didn’t mention, COMMENT them below!

I’m gonna be working on more actual VIP car related media soon, don’t worry!

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37 thoughts on “5 HIDDEN LEXUS LS430 FEATURES you didn't know about!!

  1. these are awesome ! a couple of these i would not of found on my own… but also did anyone no theres a key hole to open trunk in the back that opens the trunk from the outside its hidden and you cant see it from looking at it. this comment is from loretta

  2. 3:00 Under the seat you have this nice little cubby. So it pulls out like this and you can put your weed in there. Then if you have some really good pineapple kush. You can kick the floor heat on in the winter time. Then you have yourself the best air freshener in the world. That kush smell only takes seconds to make your whole car smell amazing! Also great storage spot, for the passenger will be the one typically rolling your blunts. Packing bowls, whichever your preference. Then once you've blazed. You don't want to be around as the pot smoke rolls out. Or if you want to show off your clam bake session to your friends standing outside the car. You can hit all automatic windows down and watch that smoke roll for like 20 minutes. Haha. You then get your crew back in the car. Put your visors down, even the tiny sun shade. Turn on your navigation and say it's only known command. I'm hungry and then go hit up that white castle, or whatever you crave. Best car ever, smoke in luxury! 😀

  3. Another cool feature is under the hood if you look you don't see a starter, if it goes out good luck, better be a mechanic or know a good one, it's under the manifold and a billion wires and hoses. Good luck with them spark plugs also.

  4. I have the base model Toyota Crown, which is a JDM version of the LS430.
    I now now the trick with the windows, thanks to this video – but, being the basic trim model, none of those other hidden features here are applicable to my vehicle. I’m not sure if the Lexus came out in as many trim levels as the Crown, or whether LS430s were ‘higher spec’ across the board.

  5. Turn on the radio using the steering wheel button. Left side of steering wheel, center button. It will not turn off your radio, but it's easier to turn it on than using the radio know.

  6. Watching the sun visor above the mirror, made me realize that the sunglasses holder in my 2010 Acura TL was probably designed to be somewhat of a visor.

  7. Mine is an 06 LS and it's wonderful. Still under 100,000 miles. I do schedule maintenance and I change my transmission oil too. I never have trouble. Mine will beat the new 460 on reliability.

  8. I have a LS 400 1997
    ONLY BATTERY AND TRYES cabin filter rear A/c filter brake pads , oil and filter CHANGED NO ISSUES AT ALL like BMW, MERC
    Daily drive to golf club is 18 Km only

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