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  1. Hi, I was wondering if you could help my dad out. He has a motor very similar to this and he is trying to figure out how to hook up the governor rod. I've helped him find several videos and yours is the only one that has the throttle with a flap like his. Sadly you didn't show in this video how to hook up the governor rod, if you possibly have a video online already that shows this could you let me know? Thank you in advance.

  2. Hey Bruce, I have an old 3hp Briggs from the 1960s but it will just not run right, it surges and, splutters but it will not rev up and if I go on anything lower than full throttle it kills itself and full throttle is basically idle.

  3. Thanks for the info, but i found a slight problem with the clone motors etc. I think the original Briggs had a gear box on it, i'm not entirely sure but is it possible the gear box ran the drive pulley clockwise and the tiller counter clockwise. What i picked up is an old Honda 5.5 hp, installed (no problem) ran two pulleys, one smaller for drive and the other larger for the tines to spin faster. Well the motor runs clockwise >>> and everthing runs backwards.. 🙁 As a temporary fix, i ran the belts in a figure 8 and everything started to move forward 🙂 Yay! …but the belts rub.. didn't last (smoked and melted but only after I got done what i wanted. What i'm confused about is, on a rear tiller, with front wheel drive, do the tines move opposite of the drive? I don't want to buy a clockwise motor then find out the tines run oppossite of the drive? I had lots of power, but it seemed to want to run away and not dig down.
    maybe i can work on a video for input..

  4. Why would my old 2hp b&s shock me if I touched the top of the motor or when I would turn it off and touched the metal shut off switch at top.

  5. Stumbled upon this video. I have the exact same tiller, but couldn't figure out the make. now I know what it is! it was given to me by a neighbor who upgraded. it was healthy for me to see you do the internal work first, and this helps me to attempt it myself. thank you do much Bruce.

  6. question: i have a 3hp B&S and and i have no spark, one wire goes from the coil to the points, one to the sparkplug but i dont know where the third wire has to go.

  7. Nice primer, I just got a BCS with tiller and snowblower attachment, similar 5 HP Briggs engine. The previous owner did not start it for the past 2 years. great video

  8. Another great video, Bruce. I thought for sure this was my problem but it isn't. I have the 5hp or 206cc engine on a leaf blower (given to me). It won't hit on primer fuel so I cleaned carb. I thought spark was low so I replaced coil and plug. I check the key as you did in this video and still nothing! Could it be valve needing adjustment? I only see tutorials on adjust OHV. Where is the valve cover on these horzizontals? Thanks.

  9. I have the exact same tiller as this and it runs good but the bushings at the bottom by the tines are shot do you know where I might be able to find parts?

  10. Can't thank. You enough for the video. I'd almost bet you taught "something" . What an outstanding video . Fast forwarded through the dead time, and stayed on topic. The reason I say that is because (I hate to be critical) but like guitar lessons? The guy is still talking almost 3 minutes into the tutorial sometimes when all you came for was tHe chords. Not the history of the guitar , haha.

    Even the little comments were helpful. "That should have started. I have fire and I have gas. It should have fired"

    Those of us that are TOTALLY helpless wouldn't really know that. As it turns out, my Briggs and Stratton has the exact problem. Can I ask where you obtained the pin? It's called a flywheel pin. I'll go back and look to see what it called. Love the garage and again, THANKS !!!'n

  11. Is there anyway to get an image of the throttle linkage at the bottom of the engine and then up to the carb so I can see how it is connected? I have the MTD version of this tiller and I'm trying to see if I'm missing parts for the linkage.

  12. Ah yes, the old sheared flywheel key.  But I wonder what sheared it on that engine, doesn't really hit anything like a rotary mower…Maybe someone failed to tighten the starter clutch the last time the flywheel was off.  The only good thing about the old points set up was that you lost spark when the key sheared.  Not so with the breakerless models.  I can see how easy it would be to get stumped because you still have spark, unfortunately the timing is way off.

  13. I have a 5h.p. Briggs and Stratton engine that will not start in cold weather with the choke on unless I use starting fluid once its starts it will run and restart as long as its warm i have done numerous carburetor adjustments with no results What could be the problem here ? THANK YOU

  14. Bruce,  I have an FT 900 Husqvarna tiller that as I'm using it, it dies on me….  I can start it again after it does but then it goes off again.  Any suggestions..   Paul-Henderson, TN

  15. I really like your style of how you work on engines. I'm totally going to steal that primer idea (gas in an oil can).

    NOTE: I don't have any factory training but I always fear putting any stress on those flywheel vanes, so I just put about an 18 inch long 1×2 or 2×2 stick of soft wood against the ears of that clutch, and tap the other end of it with a mallet. Works for both on and off. The stick gets torn up in a few whacks but I'd rather sacrifice a chunk of scrap wood than break a vane.

  16. Any help would be appreciated. I'm working on a 5.5 HP Briggs engine on a tiller. It will only run if you shoot carb cleaner into the carb. I soaked the carb over night in chem dip and rebuilt the carb. Fly wheel key is good. Has good spark. I'm really stumped on this. Model: 134402 Type: 0113-01

  17. I'm currently working on fixing up one of these 5hp briggs. I had it running fine last week, but then I changed the oil in it and now it won't run. I used 10W30, (recommended oil from B&S site). I can pour gas in the spark plug hole and it'll start and run until it burns all the fuel I put in the cylinder. I've already cleaned out the carb, checked all fuel lines and it still won't run. I messed around with it a bit tonight and got it to run for about a minute before I shut it off, and now I can't even get it to go if I pour gas in the cylinder. I'm completely confused now and I need to get it back up and running ASAP because its my 4-H project and our achievement day is in less than a month. Any help would be greatly appreciated because I have no idea what to do! Thanks

  18. Bruce,

    I have one of these Turf-Til 5HP tillers and it is in fair shape. Great idea about the 90/10 starting mixture. Thanks for the tip. Do you have any manuals, parts lists, or suppliers for this tiller? 

  19. There are 2. one is at the base of the motor front and rear.  Look between the motor and the bushing drive.  It is square .  I believe it is a 3/8 or 7/16.  You can use an adjustable wrench too.  Have a look at 9:41 in the video.

  20. Bruce do you know where I can get parts for a Turf Til Tiller?  I've searched the net and so far I've only found out the original manufacturer was UNICO and they are now out of business.

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