30 thoughts on “5HP Briggs and Stratton Carburetor Clean and Rebuild (Pull Choke Type)

  1. Intake gasket 27355
    diaphragm kit 395021
    Carb to tank gasket 272409
    I find myself spelling gasket gasquet because I used to kayak near a town in the farthest north of coastal California you can get to. But, Its pronounced Gaskee . Sounds like a French California gold country word. Part numbers in the video description would have been cool. Good video, thumbs up. I have a bunch of these to work on, one says 206 cc on a troy built tiller, top priority.

  2. Hi Steve. I found this video which shows the carbureator on the chipper. It explains how it works. The knob on the end which pulls out is really the choke.

  3. Really nice vid, my issue , being pretty much the same design as you have there other then the choke setup , mine being a lever on the side , is where to get new linkage, thanks for this vid though ?

  4. great video , i wondered if you could help me, do you know what the factory setting is for the carb please, as i think the previous owner has messed about with mine and when i got it running it was bogging down, so i just wanted it to back to factory setting and start again if i have to alter it to get it to run sweet . if you can help it would be great , thanks in advance

  5. Can anybody tell me if the "oil breather tube" is necessary for the engine to work properly. I'm currently working on a rototiller engine with a similar engine/carb. (Briggs 5 hp). I think it's a newer version though – it's the kind where it has the throttle and choke levers on a little 'control panel'. It is missing the oil breather tube, and when I checked an online parts catalog, they list the tube as "obsolete and unavailable". Mine still has the retainer clip for the tube under one of the carb-to-tank screws.A guy in another similar video about pulse-jet carbs casually mentioned that the port on the carb for the breather tube was plugged with silicone, but didn't say any more about it.

  6. if this is an 80's style, is it than upgraded and different threads on the jet and needle valve screw? It also had the spiral insert and second plastic screen and pick up tube. Idk if there's any part # on this carburetor. My rototiller is from the early 70's Idk if the block and blower were replaced since then. I think the blower housing #s are around 74.

  7. Have you ever seen one leaking gas out of the back of the pull choke? i can't figure out how to fix it. Thanks for the video!

  8. Greetings. I am trying to resolve problems with a very older style Briggs horizontal mower with a Pull Choke looks like the one in your video. It is installed on an old Ariens rotary hoe (a barn find). I have solved all the problems except it requires a spring for the governor (missing) plus I am not sure how to install a replacement (fixing points, one is obvious). The model details where it should show the model number ..says model number but there is NO model number (faded away?) Could you kindly tell me the model number of the engine in your excellent video please?. Your support would be most appreciated.

  9. Good look at that set-up. I have Monkey Wards "Pumpkin" off of a snowblower too. I use a little right angle ratchet screw driver for that bottom carb screw, but sometimes can fit a slotted screw driver into the screw head sideways, and use it like a wrench, but when that one is on super tight… it sucks!

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