22 thoughts on “5Hp briggs carb trouble

  1. Bonjour.J'ai le même moteur sur un motoculteur ,et je n'arrive pas a comprendre comment je dois fixer le ressort de régulateur . Pourriez vous m'envoyer une photo de sa position de fixation, SVP ? Merci d'avance .

  2. The engine gets too much gas, I think. I would give the carb a gas bath to clean. There is no better cleaner than gasoline what I found at my own briggs 5hp and its carb, yesteday. You need a paper between the gas tank and the carb. Change the spark plug and get a new champion JL19LM spark plug, that's the type of spark plug that the briggs company tells you to use on a 5hp briggs model 130202 or 130200….

  3. I have a diaphram carb on my 36" tiller 5hp briggs, replaced diaphram and cleaned carb. I still have to put gas in the carb to get it to start but dies when fuel runs out, the carb is not picking up fuel? WHATS WRONG?

  4. Probably have engine running well by now, but in order would try the following:
    1. Vent the gas cap with three small holes, or just order a new one
    2. When first running quickly adjust the mixture screw as you rev up throttle, and when warmed up at full throttle when pushing in in choke. Best screw setting is point w/o choke between best idle and high speed setting. Might need a new fuel diaphram (opposite side under plate).
    4. Could be clogged fuel intake due to rusty gas tank – clean/seal.

  5. i have a 5 hp. model 130202 it just floods out when u give it gas i have tried everthing to fix this damn thing could anyone help it will run at idle puts way to much gas in there

  6. ant hade this problum but take carb off take it aprt soak it in carb cleaner then the spray it out very good with carb cleaner ever little hole cause it seems like one is clogged

  7. The carb is cracked between the 2 pick up tubes. When that happens is sucks fuel up both tubes instead of only the short one, making it flood at idle.

  8. You know what? I had that same exact problem! My problem was that gasket in between the carburetor and the tank. I did not have a gasket handy so I just used gasket maker and blobbed some where that gasket would be. It runs great now and I am currently using it on my minibike. I hope this information helped you 🙂

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