24 thoughts on “5hp Briggs coil check and replace with larger style coil

  1. In my opinion the weakest point on the B&S engine is the metal fuel tank.I have had endless problems with rust and the rust blocking the fuel inlet valve.

  2. @47485ksc … Thanks for extending the offer but I do own my own buisness. I think $12 an hour is more than fair for an apprentice employee ( I think they shouldn't make more than $10). I feel your pain.

  3. @sixtyfiveford You never got back to me. I'm looking for shop help. Beautiful So. Oregon. Pay might suck, though. Plan on $12 an hour to start if you are lucky. I'm sick of the IDIOTS they hire for me. "I'm a fast learner." If I hear that shit one more time, my head is gonna explode! Dude does ring job on Honda mower and all that was wrong was choke not closing. Took 17 pulls to start when he was done. I told him "It needs to start on 1 pull." He called it good. I adj. chole and 1 pull starting.

  4. @grizz An engine that dies after 20 minutes could have a gas cap not venting. Happens on riding mowers a lot. See if engine will restart hot after opening cap. Just keep in mind: any engine needs 3 things to run: Spark (at the right time) compression and fuel/air. A small 4 stroke engine will not test w/good compression. They have built-in compression releases on camshaft. 45 to 60 psi is normal. Hardly ever does a 4 stroke need rings and it's not cost effective to even re-ring one. Replace.

  5. @alilbbigman Also, if the starter clutch "feels stiff" no need to remove it. Using a spray can of carb clean w/red long nozzle tube, hold tube to lube hole on clutch. Spray a lot. Then spin clutch 'til it frees up. Then squirt 30w oil in hole. The "stiff" feeling is the bearing surface is gummed-up from lack of lube. On a customers engine, clutch needs to be replaced unless it's one of those tightwads that don't wanna put money into the equipment, yet want it fixed.

  6. @47485ksc….. Wow this golfcarttractor guy must be a real character…. The 65 is actually a 1965 F100 pickup truck with a 352 FE engine… Yes I'll jump on the band wagon with you and install a 427 when I have an extra 100,000 laying around. Thanks for the entertaining comments.

  7. I wonder how many "mechanics" replaced coil after coil on Snapper side discharge/rear bagger mowers that have the safety switch. It grounds out ignition if the plastic rear bagging chute is removed. Remember, people: "No refunds on electrical parts". Hey, 65 Ford? What '65 ya got? Fairlane? Hell of a good-looking car if so. Let's hear about it! 390? 427? 4 speed? I'll buy it if it's a factory/dealer installed 427 (soon as I get $100,000) Hey, golfcartractor! What happened? Dad catch ya?

  8. @alilbigman Maybe "golfcartractor" is still out there. He could use some pointers. Ever see his "installing a car coil and wet cell battery on a $10 lawn mower" video? He's "certified" too! Certified for a rubber workbench and Handy Andy plastic toolkit. Sorry about the rantings about your "certified" claim, but, before you press "POST" make sure you do your research before you take a pratfall in front of all of us. I call it "Tough Education". Just ask "gollfcartractor" He had it REAL "tough"!

  9. @alilbigman Haven't you, in your long "certified" career, ever seen a starter clutch that never got oiled? It sticks to the crankshaft and takes out the starter pulley. Sometimes more. Have never heard the horrific "SKREEEETTTCH" of a starter clutch failure? The noise is a tooth-filling dropper! Cracks window glass! No, I would say you are anything but "certified". Read the little instruction piece of paper that comes w/any new 399671. It says to drop a few drops of 30w in it before installing.

  10. @alilbigman Find another line of work. QUICK! "Certified" How do you figure? The Briggs 399671 starter clutch is made to be oiled. Take one apart (don't hurt yourself!) In the end where the itty bitty hole is, there is a felt goody. That is to retain oil. That itty bitty hole is where the oil goes in! The square end rides stationary on the end of crankshaft. It is a bearing surface requiring oil. Don't you add a few drops of oil to your starter clutch before installing? "Certified". Yea, right!

  11. @sixtyfiveford Finally, someone posting a small engine "how to" video with brains! I find no fault(s). The one who asked how to test one that fails when hot was perfect! No need for multi-meters. Easy diagnosis with a pull of the rope. You should use a spark tester, not plug in engine, though. I get a kick out of the guys that use fingers for spark testing. Usually the old codgers. I can't stand getting shocked. Good work, here. I need a good mechanic in So. Oregon. You game? No sales taxes!

  12. I was a car mechanic by trade and never thought about the "Kill wire check" and never bother to look…I always changed the coil and that was the end of it. What should be done if there is a good spark with the "kill wire " out of the way? Leave the wire sticking out like the good old days and once your done mowing, just ground the wire anywhere (I have an old IRON HORSE with a REO engine that's set up like that) Very educational video…Thanks a bunch…

  13. nope no wires no points or condenser im gonna get a coil this week an put it on there a friend of mine has a few laying around so he is gonna bring me one thanks for the info im sure it has helped alot of people including me .thanks again.before i change it il check the spark again.

  14. @grizz11952001 ……. It sounds like a bad coil BUT… does your coil have wires that go under the flywheel. If so your points/condenser could be dirty/bad. If no wires go under your flywheel then you don't have points/condenser. The other thing to try is to remove the kill wire from the coil completely. NOTE: you will only be able to kill a running engine by pulling the spark plug boot.. This way you completely illuminate the kill wire rubbing or bumping somewhere and killing the engine.

  15. thanks for the info i was working on my murray today it has a brigs an stratton i thought i might have set it wrong but i used a card business card to set it i think it needs a new coil it was starting an running good but when it got hot it would die. an wouldnt run for about 20 minutes then it ran fine but after i cleaned it it wont even start an stay running lol i killed it.

  16. You are a life saver,
    thank you so much for your help.

    I just got the same 5hp upright briggs for 15 bucks at a swap meet and a 3.5 for 5 bucks!!!

    thank you so much!!!

  17. Thanks for this! I have a McLane edger with a 3.5hp Briggs and I think my coil is bad. I need to pull the coil and check for grounding like you did though.

    Very timely!

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