41 thoughts on “5hp Briggs & Stratton Engine Teardown & Possible Cause Of Death

  1. not sure about you but when i bore a engine re grind valves and go thru it i can say its good as new no matter the age .of the block.its called re-conditining

  2. Such a simple engine, If it was mine I would just touch up the cylinder with a hone and install new rings, assemble and run it.

  3. i got one from a junkyard last year hoping to use it on a mini bike until i found out the old owner ran it without oil and the piston split apart on the side the metal that came off the piston got melted to the cylinder but since it has an iron cylinder wall it could be repaired if i had the cylinder bored the junkyard has a few parts motors i could buy for parts

  4. Did you go on eBay. Did look for them Parts they are a lot cheaper. You can buy your carburetor for that for like $18 to rebuild is even cheaper. You should be able to find a block there that's pretty cheap with any size of shaft all you got to do is go on eBay and look

  5. Mower ran great in March, after replacing the drive belt, air filter, and spark plug it will not start. Replaced the coil pak and now there is no compression, replaced head gasket and still no compression. Piston/valves look decent for 7 yr old engine, WTH? 7HP Briggs & Stratton…what's next?

  6. i bought one of these from my local junkyard and the old owner who sent it to the junkyard forgot to change the oil when i took the piston out of the cylinder walls there was really bad damage but it might be able to get rescued

  7. My Craftsman chipper/shredder has the same 5 hp Briggs as the one in this video only the air cleaner is different. The chipper was actually given to me non running, I guess the guy just bought a new one. The problem it was having is that the carb wasn't pulling fuel up from the tank so I pulled the carb off, thoroughly cleaned it, drained the old gas out of the tank and when I took the fuel pump apart which is on the side of the carb under a removable cover and found that someone put the spring on the wrong side of the diaphragm so it wasn't allowing it to pump fuel which was obviously a simple fix. After I put the carb back on and put fresh gas in, it fired up and runs great.

  8. Hi, I have very similar B&S 5HP engine. And I dot't know if it's normal that it has 0,3mm axial loose on the crankshaft and if I set the exhaust valve open so it has slight radial loose. Is it ok?

  9. Fantastically made video. It drives me nuts when people ramble on videos, but you keep comments short and relevant. I also like how you show the action and then edit the video so that the next shot quickly skips to the next step. Maybe your next video should be a how to make a how to video!

  10. The connecting rod has MAG and PTO stamped on it and would like to know which way it's supposed to face? Plus, where does the arrow on the piston head supposed to face…. inlet or exhaust? Thanks in advance.

  11. I have a question…a few years ago I bought a Briggs and Stratton mower. Well two actually. 1st one I took back because it would barely start. 2nd one was a gem. Put gas in it. Put oil in it. Start it up and start mowing. The engine literally blows 2 holes in the crankcase. Remember new never used. Wtf caused that catastrophic damage?

  12. Dony I am currently rebuilding a Briggs motor from a mower and one of the bolts on the cap that is on the connecting rod and crankshaft is rounded out, the other bolt came out easily but the other bolt is not and the head is rounded out, how should I get this stubborn bolt out??

  13. this vid is gonna help me out a ton. i have an older model of that leaf blower vac and it seized up on me the other day. stupid me didnt check the oil in the 30yr old engine that i got off of craigslist. ive never done a rebuild and this is gonna save me alot of pondering. also saw the other vid on how to remove the fan. thanks for posting these videos.

  14. hello sir, I'm repairing b&s 5hp eng mod#1300 I had poor compression 45psi & lapped valves & I put new rings & I honed cylinder & it pops back thru carb & checked timing & lined timing marks but eng is not TDC ? that ok ?? what causes pop?? sound timing off??

  15. that block is savable I had a briggs quantum that had seized and shredded the cylinder from burning up I acquired it from a junkyard I threw oil in it put new crank and piston it and is completely fine now the marks are nearly gone and theres no smoke anymore if the cylinder is zinc its savable the rings will reseat you just have to elimante the cause

  16. I have one of these engine on a little doom buggy I love it only problem the owner before me installed a muffler on it pointing right up and it catchs a lot of rain.

  17. Hi Donny. Your videos are excellent! Can I get some advice? Observations: My tiller won't start. I have spark (used a tester). Took off manifold and have black on top of valves with little carbon on piston. Piston moves up/down freely when rotating flywheel or outer engine pulley. No scoring at all when I move piston to the down position. But both intake and exhaust are slightly raised when piston brought to at the highest point of the piston; they are not seated. This is probably why there is no compression – air leaking out. Question: Is there a way to adjust the valves to seat when piston is raised? Or do I need to rebuild something? (I saw your video when you removed the piston — disassembled the engine).

  18. It never hurts to take pictures as the teardown progresses. Digital cameras really save the day, but if push comes to shove, never sell the Polaroid short!

  19. thanks dony had gottne the sump cover off and couldnt figure out how to fix the insides and I knew there was some timing marks but thanks to you now I know what to do million thanks

  20. I don't think the damage on the cylinder wall was caused by carbon – it looks like the engine was run out of oil – this damage is consistent with a lack of lubrication.

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