6.75 Craftsman Self Propelled Mower Drive Problems: PART 1 of 2

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Watch PART 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVm5knI-5RA
My next door neighbor’s Craftsman 6.75 Briggs & Sttratton ready start mower stop self propelling itself so I take a look at it and diagnosed the problem.



32 thoughts on “6.75 Craftsman Self Propelled Mower Drive Problems: PART 1 of 2

  1. my mower wont disengage, as soon as you start the mower the drive wheels take off. 2010 craftsman front wheel drive. looks like a husqvarna but is black. any suggestions?

  2. Will pushing a self propelled mower damage the gear or transmission? I got a self propelled mower but latter found out I don’t really need that function.

  3. I own a front wheel drive Crafsman mower that has propelling issues. The pulley on top of the transmission sometimes spins but sometimes stops spinning and I hear a squealing sound. What would the problem be?

  4. I have a question for you ,my wheel on the right hand side ,if you are looking at it from the back of the mower is bad i think it is a bearing that us bad how do i fix this and where can i get after market parts .Hope you can help me the grass is uneven when i mow it and if i set the wheel up one notch it does just the opp-sent .Thanks

  5. i figured the problem out, why this happens. I typed it all out for you so you could see and you tube acted up. I know why this happens is what i am getting at but i am not a great typer and i an getting a hand cramp. if you want to know though hit me back. i will come back later and type it out. it's real and I have never had or seen anyone explain it. Great Video man, part one and two, really lit up some light bulbs.

  6. My mower crashed into some trees and bent the frame against the gear box, preventing the gear box from swinging all the way down. It looked like you had the same problem.

  7. common issue, metal drive gear on plastic teeth. basically something I have to replace every year along with usual maintenance

  8. How did you get the cover off of the drive control box? I don't seem to have a socket that fits the nut holding it on. very frustrating!

  9. Why couldn't you add a bushing or several washers to move the drive gear out more so it could engage more of the wheel's gear ?

  10. is there any way to adjust the speed of a self propelled mower I have had hip surgery and now the mower pulls me too fast

  11. I have the same mower and same problem, it's a design flaw for sure, not enough length of the plastic gear teeth are engaged, only about 1/4" and it's a weak spot! The pawl gear should be thicker so it protudes out more and engages more length of the plastic teeth. . Poor engineering for sure, or planned failure? Today I bought a set of two wheels for it on Ebay today for $20.19 with free shipping, which is half of Searsparts direct pricing. They are $16+ bucks each from Sears + shipping. Tha bnks for the good video! .

  12. Hi,thanks for the film, just repaired my lawnmower from this film, wheels stripped just the same. Well done mate,Oliver in UK.
    Live long and prosper.

    Also check the drive shaft bearings in the adjusters.  Mine were bad causing the drive gear to float on the plastic. It ate up the plastic on a new wheel in three months. 

    I also had intermittent wheel lockup problems. I traced that to steel balls from the drive shaft bearing that got out of the bearing assembly and were floating around inside the wheel assembly. They occasionally got between the drive gear teeth and the wheel gear teeth.

    Finally, check that the wheel spindle is parallel to the drive shaft. If not, the drive gear teeth will not align with the wheel teeth and will eat the plastic teeth.  If it is not parallel, the adjuster mechanism or the mower body where the adjuster is attached is probably bent and needs to be straightened or replaced.

  14. Hey thanks for the vid.  I was having the issues of limited drive and the wheels locking up.  After watching, took off the wheels and cleaned it up in there and ordered new wheels.  BTW took 4 days get them from Sears.  Just mowed my lawn and all works like charm.  Got to love a simple fix!

  15. Wonder if you can guess my problem. My mower starts and whenever I try to hold the bar down to start the front drive wheels, the mower completely dies on me. I then haft to prime it all over again just to get it to start. I took it apart and cleaned the fuel line, replaced the spark, and cleaned the carb. Now it cranks like a champ, but still no good on front wheel wheels. I took the top off the belt part to see whats going on, but nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing to shut it off at least.

  16. my front wheel of propelled lawn mower is locked… it doesn't turn at all… can any one tell me what could be the reason?

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