10 thoughts on “#6 Tecumseh LV195EA – Tear down and rebuild – Crankshaft and piston removal

  1. The only tool that I use in this video is a 1/4" ratchet with a socket. So I guess the answer would be yes.
    Thanks for watching.

  2. I dont know why people hate tecumsehs so much…sure, the rods r cheap, but they only break if u TRY to break them…besides, im getin tired of plastic cams, am i right?

  3. I find that some of the last Tecs built didn't seem as well built as earlier models but I still like the Tecs. Thanks for watching.

  4. uhhhh hello??? back then stuff was built to LAST, and if it broke u got it FIXED….nowadays they make everything out of plastic shit, and if IT breaks, people just throw it away…i think this explains the economy right now, dosent it?

  5. I agree that this has become a "throw away" society. That is partly why I learned to fix these engines and am sharing my knowledge on youtube. You don't want to get me started on the economy and politics!

  6. I have never seen a crankshaft break. Bend but not break. Since you will have to open the engine up anyway, look for any other broken parts inside. If you feel confident, rebuild it. Unless a new crank is cost prohibitive. Thanks for watching.

  7. Not the driveshaft, the crankshaft.  Usually, there is a lip at the top of the cylinder wall created by the fact the piston stops slightly below flush on some engines.  That forces you to take the piston out from the bottom rather than trying to push it out the top.  Good video.  Enjoying it, but it's been 30 years since I took a motor like that apart and now I have a Tecumseh that I have to take apart.

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