18 thoughts on “7.75hp Briggs and Stratton pressure washer cold start

  1. i cannot get mine started took the carb off. had old fuel check the spark plug and the magnets on top. im try what he did because i just been yanking on it

  2. We just got ours last week, my husband used it and put it up without showing me anything then he went offshore. So I brought it out back and couldn't get it to start. I looked everywhere for the choke.
    I was yanking the chord as fast as I could 3-4 times. After I watched how he started it I did the same thing. It worked! So easy!
    Thank you for posting this video, it helped this Navy Veteran with something she couldn't figure out on her own.

  3. Thank you for sharing your demonstration!!  My husband is out of town and I couldn't get it started but your demonstration helped me get it started right up 🙂

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