10 thoughts on “#7 – Briggs and Stratton 5HP 130202 – How to check valve and tappet clearances

  1. Funny that on my engine, with the side cover on, the intake is ok, but the exhaust is tight.
    How does the exhaust valve grow in length when it should wear a little shorter?
    I did swap the lifters around to see if I mixed them up, but it's the same either way.
    Ok, the wife is out of town so I had no need to turn on the thinking device.
    Lap the valve and it will sink in just a little into the block.
    My exhaust valve was not burnt but not pretty and it took a while to lap a decent face on it.
    I must have lowered it a few thousandths not to mention the normal wear from running.

  2. You cannot adjust valve clearance with sump Cover off. The clearances will not be accurate once the sump cover is back on because the end of the cam is not in proper location. If you have too much clearance other options are longer tappets (you can order them from any racing go kart company) or a shop can cut the valve seat deeper to tighten up the valve tappet clearance.

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