13 thoughts on “8 HP Briggs Governor Adjustment

  1. Mine if john Deere 8 HP but it does not look like yours. The motor goes to full power but the Governor arm does not move. Is there a way to unstick the fly weights? Thanks, rhabxer hot mail com

  2. your defo the governor stan lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll did i hear the words cook out thats a yes bud from me ,,what happening with the boat project jim had in mind for this year ? time is marching on and no sign of any activity is jim ok ? ……dougie

  3. good stuff thanks… one question, was that a troybuilt tiller that briggs was attached to? The old kohler on my tiller is dead and I have a 8½ hp briggs I want to try to install. Thanks for the video!

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