18 thoughts on “8HP Briggs And Stratton Generator Repair (Part Two of Two) powermate 3250

  1. Hello, great video, I recently myself pulled out this same model generator and I got it running with a spray of engine starter, because luckily, it had been stored away without any gasoline in it. But I would like to now transform it into a super savage pressure washer, and I was wondering what psi and what pump I should go with that would be compatible with my 8hp briggs and stratton coleman powermate 3250. If you know or have any tips on how I can find out a compatible pump please respond to this comment and let me know, Thanks 😀

  2. I have a unit just like this from 1989 same engine etc…but my issue is the long spring that goes to the governor that runs vertical…its broken…do you know where i can get parts or specifically that carb or governer parts from thx.

  3. My friends got one of these it sat in a plywood box for years ever moved never started I could see it just sitting the one day the power goes out for the 100th time and they finally decided to whip it out after sitting for 10 years easy

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