20 thoughts on “A 1992 Champion Push Mower Needs Attention.

  1. I finally got paid for a mower I sold at the start of the mowing season. I've got three V-twin Inteks to deal with now, they don't have a very good reputation. Governor on one gave out, another leaks like a sieve, the third has a broken connecting rod. Funny how these things seem to happen in a series.

  2. Been enjoying your videos a lot. I just rescued a Poulan mower from the trash and it has turned out to be a very sweet machine. Got about $11 in it to far! – I have a question. Where did you find that lift you use to raise up and work on the mowers. That thing looks awesome! I'd really like to get one. What's it called even? Thanks!

  3. Asking the Community for help!
    I have a ariens snowblower. I cleaned the carb but it would only run with full choke. I replaced with a brand new carb, but now it won't start. Primer works fine and there is still a spark. What did I do wrong? Thanks for the help!

  4. Quite a lot of little problems with the old girl but you got them all fixed just like new. Interestingly no carb fix on this one. Very unusual. Great job on returning the machine to life once again. Magic man does it again. Thanks for sharing and stay safe.

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