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  1. This looks like the newer magne-tron coil, older coils were like a big E with coils wrapped over
    the center core and most likely 3 magnets on the flywheel the 3 cores of course, very close to
    the flywheel. Sometimes if Hi voltage side was bad, low voltage side would be good so I'd
    wire a car ign. coil between the low voltage side and other side of coil to the points.

  2. I have 76 tiller and went everywhere to find points and condenser…. Canadian Tire had 4 of them in old shelf. Runs fantastic now. Lol lol great job.

  3. Hi Bruce, sorry to ask this question. I need your advice please . I changed my points on my Briggs and Stratton Rototiller 5 HP Machine . But I still do not get and Spark and my Compression test is at 50 . And I did not change the Coil . So any help please

  4. thanks! I did what your video suggested, but my rototiller did not have the removable jet and adjust the same. Nevertheless I did the same you did on your video and removed a fixed jet. I cleaned it all and used a little compressed air. The motor was running briefly than quitting. Now it runs fine! thanks!

  5. Hello Bruce Pender, I have been trying to fix up my dads old hechingers rototiller. It looks just like this one, the filling wheels locked up and it's not the belts looks like it's coming from the chain case do you have any videos that may help?

  6. Believe it or not I have the Briggs tool for the points. I’ve had it for almost 50 years. Still works great just used it on the 1968 Briggs. Another great job Bruce. Thanks.

  7. hello bruce, first of all I ask you to apologize for my English. I have CUB CADET RT 65 and when I turn it on it smokes and sounds strange, it works but it gets very hot. I changed the oil to a clean one, but you still noticed, I would appreciate it if you could tell me that it could be the fault. in advance thank you very much bruce, my name is Miguel and I am from Chile, thank you very much.

  8. I must have seen more of your shoulder than anything else ,for any novice this is not good . Lucky I can understand most of what your did . But never use a drift to tighten ,use a C spanner or peg spanner and just tap it with a hammer ,a novice or anyone else will damage the cutouts or holes to the nuts .

  9. I have the same rototiller and the magneto is bad. I've been having a hard time finding replacement parts for it. Is there anywhere specific I can get parts. I've been doing some research online and have came across a few things. I read Dynamark was bought out in 93' by Murray so I went there with the model number and code (serial number isn't on the label) to no avail. It wasn't in there system. The second thing I found was that the magnetos off Briggs & Stratton 3.5HP engines are compatible with the Dynamark 5HP engines. is that true?

  10. yeah it's me again it's electronic I get tired of the every year teardown I leave it on concrete in my shed and it sets with rust on coil fan flywheel every year occurrence plus I'm getting too old to get beat up that way

  11. Bruce do you have a recommendation on a price to ask for a 5 horsepower small rototiller well I called them The Hoppers yes Front Tine I know the rear times are better and I have bought one and wish to relinquish the other to a good home runs fine MTD Briggs and Stratton motor

  12. Another great video Bruce. Thanks so much. I'm still fighting my 5hp Briggs and Stratton, but you keep providing new ideas for what to try.

  13. Hmmm. I normally work on cars, but have an old TroyBilt Horse tiller with 5hp B&S pull start. Doesn't start, not seeing a spark. Tried to do what you did here, but when I removed the flywheel, there's no points and condenser back there. I'm lost. Could they be somewhere else? Or are some made without? I do not have an easy start switch, it's is just pull cord to start. Coil does have some mouse chews on wire insulation but I don't see the actual wire yet. (Love your videos!!)

  14. If I sent some pictures of an old briggs and stratton tiller, would you be able to help me figure out if I destroyed yet another good working machine?

  15. Thanks! I think I have the same problem, Now with this video I can fix it, I hope. I watched one of your other videos That showed you taking off the flywheel using a pry bar and an air chisel on the crank shaft to break it loss. I learn something there. Thanks Again. Richard

  16. No problem Bruce,thanks for all the vids,don't know if I'll have time tomorrow probably Sun,I'll u know how it goes thanks for the HELP!

  17. Thanks Bruce,but I don't think that the problem tho,I put new one but I will try,do I have to ground anything? I tried putting wire from points but that just a kill switch, pretty stumped here?? I know probably something simple and I'm missing it??

  18. HI BRUCE ironbill here again,im still having trouble with tecumseh engine no spark,how do i ground it? changed everything else known to man,lol,i swapped motors and still the same problem,can u PLZ HELP ME

  19. I learned how to set/change the points on my 1966 Mustang many years ago. If I am not mistaken, electronic ignition started in 1977.

  20. Is points & condenser replacement the fix most of the time when spark is gone? I tried cleaning points on a briggs Edgerton with no success today. Is it easy to switch to electronic setup instead?

  21. Excellent reference video. I have a tiller one year newer than the one you have worked on in this video. I have no documentation for the machine and I would like to change the oil before using it (I have confirmed it runs and drained the old oil afterwards). Can you tell me how much oil one of these motors takes please? Thank you.

  22. OK, so Ive searched till I'm sick of it. I have a Troybilt proline CRT tiller, it's about 5 yrs old. 2 years back had to have the carb rebuilt, it cost me over 200 bucks. This year it's gone down again. I took the carb off, cleaned the bowl and it still wont start. I'm getting fuel to the carb, but none in it. I know this because I can pour gas in the top and it'll start and run for 1/2 a minute. Any chance you can advise me on what else to do. Maybe a rebuild kit or new carb. This funky ethanol gas is killing small engine owners to bankruptcy.

  23. Great video, but I have a question. I always like to order parts of the internet. Today I'am having trouble finding a point set for my tiller. mabe you can help out by letting me know what web page you use to order your points and condenser set? if you would send me a good web page(s) to order parts. I have been using ereplacement, and Jacks parts.

  24. Hi
    Bruce do you face a face book account
    I have question. A neighbor was throwing out an old gas edger Don't know what a pert does. Was thinking of sending you a picture.. model number is gone the way of the dinosaur…

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