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  1. This is exactly what BOTH My Briggs and stratton lawnmowers are doing , they are both brand new..i have not known what to do,,,thanks soo much..i will try this asap…thanks..

  2. Hey thanks. Was getting ready to throw away my lawnmower since 13 years ago. It's really beat-up, the body is corroding and you can actually see the blade right under the motor but anyway a week ago pulling the cord was hard and just a couple of days later was ready to put it on the curb for trash pickup when for some reason decided to pull the cord and it pulled easy but did not start. Took it apart and cleaned it. It would start but stall. That's when I decided to go to you-tube and chose your video. After seeing your video I said yeah right like that is going to happen to me and fix the problem. "But I tried it and after the fourth pull it started. Thanks for taking the time to make this video! But I should get a new mower, maybe next year.

  3. I was having the same issues with my mower and was ready to take it in to get fixed but then decided to watch some utube videos to see if I could fix it myself. I'm so glad I came across yours because not only was the problem the same but it was on the exact same B&S engine. There was lots of junk at the bottom of the bowl and once that was cleaned it started right up. Thanks again for the money you saved me plus the joy of fixing it myself made my day.

  4. If I remembered not to leave off the vice grips until the "oh shit" reminder of gas flowing.. I'd never have a clean deck!

  5. A couple, three years ago I watched this excellent video and fixed my lawnmower within the hour. I watched it again last week and thought I'd have the same results. Same problem: start then stall, start then stall. Cleaned out the carburetor and replaced it, but I did something wrong. Now it won't even start. The primer seems mushy. I'm worried that I bent the spring when I put it back. and, I the spark plug is jammed in and I can't get it out. Help!

  6. I Think That The Carburetor on The Bolens is probably a Badly Designed Carburetor, I've Had More Than 1 That Skips, Even if I Diligently Cleaned out its Carb.

  7. Thank you Bruce! I have a pressure washer that sat unused for almost 2 years. When I tried to start it last week, it had the symtoms described in this youtube video. I watched your video and rebuilt the carburator, something I have never tried before. My pressure washer now runs beautifully. Thanks again!

  8. So I just had to comment. I've been occasionally browsing other Youtube channels that address the starts and stalls and dies lawn mower syndrome. That was a very hot topic on the Honda mower vlogs on Youtube. Somebody commented on a video and said that the problem is the spark plug. Yes, that's what he said. I dismissed what he said and continued to checkout all of the other Youtube mower repair experiences. Well then on another vlog somebody said the same thing. Well I heard it twice so maybe I ought to at least keep my ears & eyes open. Then one day I went out into the shed pulled out my Honda walk behind mower and started it up just to have it stall and die in a few seconds. I repeated that scenario like a record player skipping back and playing the same passage over and over again. I remembered that Youtube channel and searched for it again and watched as it just replayed what I had been doing for the last half an hour. What's weird is that it starts up immediately like its going to keep on going only to die. So I went to the auto parts store bought a spark plug put it in my mower and it started and ran like nothing had happened to it.
    So now years go by and I occasionally run into a "start stall & die" video and someone says its the "SPARK PLUG"!
    Why does everyone always pull the carburetor apart. Or they drop the bowl and clean the jets. But the point is with this scenario is there another possible fix without tearing apart a carburetor?

    So my neighbor sees me outside always tending to my stuff. He's smiling at me as he rolls his Troybilt Briggs & Stratton lawnmower Series 725 with a 190cc engine right in front of me. Asks me if I want to take a crack at his mower and fix it for him. What's wrong? He says it starts and then stalls. Okay so I ask him to show me what he means. He pulls the starter rope the Troybilt comes alive and then it dies.
    I ask him to do that again and he does for another 3 or 4 times. I told him I'd get on it in a couple of days. I replace the spark plug a Champion RJ190LM with an NGK 5798 and cross my fingers. I pulled on that recoil about 5 times and nothing. I pulled a couple times more and it sounded like it wanted to start. Then unexpectedly started after a few more pulls and it ran. It ran but it was surging fast and slow fast and slow and then just fast. I let it run a minute and I shut it down. Then attempted to start it again and it started.

    My neighbor wanted to know what was wrong with it? His reply was "weird" to my answer. The explanation I gave him was the spark plug was defective in a manner that it can't handle the heat. It will spark initially and get too hot for itself and then become incapable of producing a spark. He thought I was a genius.

    But my whole premise now is that I would tell the Youtube community regarding this issue to change the spark plug 1st before you go tearing in to the carburetor. It's happened to me twice with a Honda HRT216TDA walk behind mower and a Troybilt TB230 with a Briggs & Stratton Series 725 190cc engine. I've never touched the carburetor on my Honda HRT216TDA mower ever and I didn't want to tear into my neighbors Troybilt TB230 carburetor if I could help it. There's a way easier way of doing this just change the "spark plug"!

  9. I have a problem for you. I have a Troy built, rear bagger. I broke both of my legs two years ago, So my brother came over and weed eated the sides and edge of the backyard for me as I couldn't walk fully yet and the yard was 3 to 4 feet deep. He didn't mow the grass, said I could. Right I was still using a walker to get around. Anyway I gave it my best shot. I could mow about a 12 x 12 area before my legs started to give out. Next weekend another 12×12, 4 weekends later I was done. So was the mower, it made a pop noise and died. Now it will start after about 5 or 6 pulls, But if I turn it off to empty the bag it won't start again for 24 to 36 hours. I tie the handle down to keep it running while doing the bag. There are times it will kill itself from just sitting while I dump the bag. I have since purchased another mower as this one was driving me nuts. Help!!

  10. Hi,

    Please suggest me what could be wrong with my mower. When its a clean start up, lets say a week after the last use, it would run fine for barely 5-6 min and clean cut the grass, and than it starts to stall and shut down. After it shuts down the first time, it barely lasts handful of seconds of mowing than shuts down again.

    If I only keep the motor running, it would run absolutely fine and won't stop, but as soon as I push it forward and it comes in contact with cutting the grass, it almost immediately starts to stall and than shuts down and there's grass stuck at the end of the blades and the wall, probably because of how low the blades were moving and the cut grass wouldn't go into the chute behind it.

    I have spent 50-60 bucks per check up in the past and it doesn't do jack. I mean for a little while the mower would start to run fine, but the person that fixed it didn't share exactly what was wrong and Im just really unsatisfied with each fix I had to pay for and how soon the problem starts back again. i have a big yard and its full of weeds and brush ALL over now because I couldnt maintain my lawn because of the dog shit of equipment these fucking companies keep shitting out and charge like 5x than they should be charging for this piece of shit.

  11. I just got a lawn mower from a customer that i repaired their central air conditioner. very old couple. they gave me the mower and i came home and it was doing the same thing in this video. i did exactly what the tech said in the video and the lawn mower works. thank you so much.

  12. Great video! I have a few really basic questions. What is the product you're using to clean off the nut that holds the carburetor bowl in place? It looks like canned air or a lubricant but what is the product? Did you use something like a pin or a paper clip to clean out the holes themselves? Finally what is the best way to store the lawnmower over the winter? No gas in it at all? THANK YOU!

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