11 thoughts on “A Look at the Throttle and Governor Linkages on an opposed twin Briggs

  1. Finally! It took me a day to find the same throttle setup as my 17hp twin. Can anyone tell me why the linkage to the carb does nothing but keep tension on the internal flap (choke?) control? Why even have an idle adjustment screw if the linkage keeps it wide open all the time? I came across this same linkage configuration putting a rebuilt carb back on and I figured there had to be a spring missing or something. It's driving me nuts!

  2. Hey, there, Thanks for the helpful video. I'm trying to fix and MTD with a 18 opposed twin and seems like the governor is having missing parts. By any chance, can you please show how the Swivel with the screw and the screw is connected to the leaver that drives the carburator? I'm trying to understand how it supposed to work

  3. This guy is an idiot; not able to articulate what he may know, and says he is not sure "he helped". He sure did not help. Probably so low-income he needs the few bucks utube/google may send him. I wasted my time even looking at this, but we always hope…

  4. Thank you for the info. The set up looks the same. When I pull the throttle the cable does not move anything on the carb. I tried to adjust the cable but still no go.

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