46 thoughts on “A Newer Briggs Lawn Mower That Won't Start

  1. Hi Bruce: Love your DIY's on lawn mower repairs. I have a Craftsman 7.25 with the auto choke. It starts fine (first pull) but when the engine has run awhile and warmed up and I shut it down to empty the bag, I can't restart it until it cools off enough for the exhaust lever that holds the choke vane arm out to return to the position where the choke valve closes again. Only then can I restart it. The carb is clean. Any ideas?

  2. A big thank you Bruce. My Briggs & Stratton 675 – which I've had for about 10 years – has the same carb, the problem with mine was, it would start for less than a second and then die out. I knew for sure it was a fuel problem, I knew I had to clean the carb out but I didn't know it was quite that easy to remove the bowl and clean the main jet. I would have went at it with a major strip down, remove all the plastics, fuel line, cables and linkages etc and take the entire carb apart. Saved me a few hours work! I did the whole job in less than 20 minutes and now it's running sweet as can be. A great big thank you from a warm and sunny Ireland ( well, warm and sunny today anyway!)

  3. Sorry I don't feel like I should have to work on a mower I had less than a year and gave almost 400.00 for at Lowes.. a lemon I think.. have electric starter but wont start…

  4. Just cleaned my b&s 6.75. Bowl , bolt, and and spark plug as it would run a few seconds and quit. The problem persisted still. Changed the plug out to a new E3 split fire lawn mower plug from auto zone and it runs great. Better than ever! After confirming it was the plug, I'm wondering if anyone else has ran into an intermittent plug issue before as this was the first time I ever saw a spark plug act like a dirty carb. LOL
    Cleaning the plug didn't help. No signs of cracked insulator, but when checked spark was weak and then gone after a few seconds of testing.

  5. Using "premium fuel" in a small engine is a waste of money – "regular" works perfectly fine, though non-ethanol if one can find it is definitely best.

  6. 99% of these briggs have 1 of 2 problems the aluminum shear pin on fly wheel throws off coil timing,or the fuel not getting in from dirt in inlet orfice.

  7. What is wrong with Briggs & Stratton motors these days? In the 1980's their motors were unstoppable and seemed to go even better when punished and treated rough. So called old petrol out of a rusty can was not a problem the engines refused to stop, unlike now with the terrible new mowers. Clean the spark plug with kerosene and emery paper and bingo the old mower was good for 2 years again.

  8. No need to check the air filter although it is the second thing that should be checked right after the oil level. Oh no need to check the underside of the machine because nothing under there can go wrong, Right?

  9. good job-i have a 6.25ex b&s-fuel bowl has 2 bolts holding it on plus something in the center surrounded by plastic & no room to see what to use to loosen it with;help plz

  10. I am a 69 year old widow. I did everything I could to get my lawn mower to run. It would start and run for about 10 seconds, and then sputter and quit. It is a non-priming mower and all of the You Tube videos were showing how to fix lawn mowers that had a priming button. Thank you so much Mr. Pender. Your instructions were thorough and so helpful. My non-priming lawn mower runs like a top now! From now on, if I can't get anything to work properly I'll be sure to check you out first to see if you have a video on how to fix it. God bless you and keep making those videos!

  11. 1) 3:08 what is a "wire brush griner" ? Where do I find those for cleaning spark plugs? Are they expensive?

    2) 6:04 what is that needle tool you are using for that part?

  12. There is a story about a guy who couldn't get his lawn mower to start.
    He took it into the basement and worked on it.
    He got it started in the basement and then proceeded to carry the mower, still running, up the stairs.
    He tripped.

  13. Perfect! My Troy Built 775ex was surging and not staying running. Pulled the air filter and cover off the top. Sprayed all with carb cleaner. Still same thing. Pulled the fuel line at both ends from the tank and carb. Got some small crap in there. Then pulled the carb bowl and cleaned the screw at the bottom as you show.. Now working like a champ!!!

  14. thank you so much. i followed step by step, minus the cleaning, and the draining hahaha. love the vice clamp trick. Knowing that that little screw, wow. i am amazed. Cleaned it out, and bam running great. Again, thank you so much for taking the time to make this video, I really appreciated it!

  15. My other Toro is a 1987 with a Suzuki 4 stroke. Of all the mowers I have had with different
    engines, that Suzuki amazes me. Wow, did they make that engine reliable with extreme
    torque! I will mention that the Suzuki & my Honda only require carburetor maintenance
    unlike my Briggs engines. They do share similar carb. designs that clog up. Last year
    I found a nearby state that sells “Rec” Recreational ethanol free 91 octane gas.

  16. Bruce, I have a similar Briggs on a Toro. When I shut it off there is a couple of puffs of blue
    smoke. No smoke during start up and running. Any thoughts?

  17. Bruce, My mower will run for a while but when I go to dump the clippings the motor wont start. I have to wait a while then it will start again. What do you suggest to try next?

  18. I could tell by the clean shop & Silverado that you knew what you were doing. Great, informative video, Thanks.

  19. Ok I lifted up the front and put the blade on with no oil problem I fired the mower up and it purrs like a kitten but every minute or so the motor shakes stays running a friend of mine recommended that I replaced the diaphragm under the carburetor I thought I might ask you as well.

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