A Tiller That Starts Then Quits

This video show an inexpensive repair of a 1969 Briggs and Stratton “Merry Tiller”. In this repair the carburetor is not removed from the motor. I adjust the carb for optimum running. She is called “The Lady In Red” All I needed was Carb. spray and hand tools. A good laugh at myself too!!!



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  1. I got my 1992 B&S Rototiller running again for the 1st time since ~2000 after replacing the rusty gas tank, and cleaning the Carb (removed it). When I start it black burning smoke comes out of the engine area. It smell of burning rather than just exhaust. Should I just let it run until it burns off, or could it cause a fire? I also changed the oil twice. I ran it twice for <30 seconds but no longer.

  2. Really enjoyed that, especially where you forgot the spark plug……been there many times!
    Honest, simple and helpful, thank you, UK.

  3. Literally just followed your moves hand by hand.
    My issue was the jets and screw turns.. Now my wolseley roars.
    Cheers from the UK. Excellent vid 👍🇬🇧

  4. I am so so jealous, being a cold engine start, not even a puff of oil smoke, so the rings must be good, once the air cleaner is on I just bet a bag of Hornets you are going to re adjust the carb,  then check the gear and chain oil level THEN get to tilling,  what fun to tinker with things, I am forever rebuilding, buying, trading,  If you should come across a Amerind MacKissick composter shredder in good condition e mail me with details, for whole machines, parts,  with the  Tall chutes,   ai have a fever for these machines, and shred constantly making magic soils, shred wood chips for mulching,   great video, good tiller, you got a beauty there, In closing Jim Raymond  jrhandy1@gmail.com, Newburyport, Massachusetts usa

  5. WOW ?? I want i, want I want Just because I have one with the original engine , maintained by me since it was new in 1958 uses slightly a shot glass of oil in one week of gardening, I don't have the wheels but will soon weld up some ,  i'm 75 now and still garden every year,   good work , great video  J.R, Newburyport, Ma. usa

  6. great repair bruce 👍 i have engine just like but a 5 hp width the same carb on it. but the engine won’t run. it starts very hard and then dies. and it will not take rpms. i had the carb cleaned in an ultra sonic cleaner and new gaskets on it. when i try to start the engine it will backfire through the carb and a lot of bangs to. do i have a blown head gasket ???

  7. THANK YOU FOR AMAZING QUICK REPLY , found it very useful and seemingly we can get them in england from clarkes at £149 so will hint to the wife about xmas lol. thanks again andill be looking forward to your next video!

  8. i nice video i just gotton two real old rotavators you call them tillers . took carb off one and gauze had come off then found a part i dont know where it goes lol not on your video.
    but great to see a fun presentation without darn music and one even us in england can understand thanks very much,

  9. I bet this tiller has been used very little over the years. I don’t have the confidence to not take the carb off, take it completely apart, clean with spray, blow it off with air compressor and put it back together and on.

  10. Hello Bruce, great video mate! I am about to purchase brand new tillers that are 9hp and 13hp respectively, anything I need to take into account when it comes to maintenance? Perhaps some tips for taking good care of the blades and motor. Cheers.

  11. I'm going on hearsay, but someone told me that the only difference in that 4hp.and a 5hp is the head,(which I save for swapping to my 5's) and the intake valve's diameter.Could be….

  12. When I have a diaphragm cover off,I like to oscillate the cover on fine sand paper on a piece of glass,you can tell by eye or a straightedge when you've took off enough so the longest stretch between the low bolts will grab the diaphragm and not leak on the tank.Paint loss there is indicative of a "bowed"cover.

  13. Hi Bruce. Engine is fixed and working perfect! Didn't do much.. just cleaned carburettor again and i connected properly that metal pipe which connects from carburettor to the valve cover. ( I guess that was the problem)?

  14. hi Bruce I've got the same engine. recently I serviced it and I change all gaskets. I cleaned carbon from piston and valves etc. I start the engine but it looks like it doesn't have the power to move the metal frame (Rotovator). it starts and then after a minute about the engine fails. I think it has something to do with the carburetor?? please help! I am about to set it on fire!

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