Adding a trailer hitch to a riding mower

I got to use my new Hobart MIG welder today. By the time I was done welding, I had the wire speed and temperature figured out. Love the way it welds and Im happy with the way the trailer hitch came out. My wife is gonna love this machine with no mower deck she has to step over,just to drag a buggy around the yard. Simplicity trailer hitch. How to build a lawn tractor trailer hitch ball.
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31 thoughts on “Adding a trailer hitch to a riding mower

  1. Sorry I'm watching days behind, they are working us to death. The mower works as intended and looks fine to me, you did a great job fixing it up. I kick myself for not taking welding when I was in high school, went to a vocational school and took basic auto instead. Y'all take care and God Bless us all!

  2. You were making good time running around the yard. I'm jealous. We just got 6.3 " of snow that needs to melt away. The high will be about 50° during the day….maybe we'll see the grass soon.
    Nice job on the hitch!

  3. Hi Brad in the last vid before this one you were wondering why the valve stems were on the inside of the rim, it's to accommodate wheel weights

  4. Is Bill Gates Hacking other peoples YouTube channels???
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  5. Looks good, only thing I would've done different was bevel the edges on that angle before welding to the tractor..Nice Job!!!

  6. Simplicity used to be THE premium mower brand. The old man retired and handed over the compnay to his college educated son. The son decided that stamped steel was much better than welded steel construction and that his dealerships had to abide by an image , had to maintain a inventory of several hundred thousand dollars and other unreasonable demands. We dropped out dealership pretty soon afterward. Sinjce then Simplicity and Snapper have been bought outright by Briggs and Stratton. They ran the company for about 5 years and now have announced that they are dumping the outdoor equipment lines . I still operate my 7018 and have a 3416 in the back room which is a 7016 before the numbering change. Hopefully the promiser of money will actuall show up and purchase the rest of the inventory so I can continue my shop project. Right now I am moving stuff just so I can move stuff again so that I can move stuff.

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