13 thoughts on “Adjust generator voltage.

  1. Hi,Do Not Mess Around With the "" ENGINE GOVENOR "" !!!! Engine DAMAGE Will Be The Results !!!!!!!   It Needs To Be At The Proper R.P.M. ( Revolutions PER Minute )Read Your manual ! If the Generator Slows Down ? Stalls/ Stops ,,,, YOU HAVE TOOO MUCH OF A LOAD !!!! That Small Adjustment Is To make Your Final / Fine Voltage Adjustments . After Replacing  The " AVR Controller And Repairing What You BURNED UP ……….You WANT MORE POWER ???? GO BUY A BIGGER GENERATOR !!!!!!!!

  2. Mine was producing 132 volts brand new. That's not good for sensitive electronics. So I lowered the voltage to 125 volts, the same as the utility power coming into my home. Not sure why it would either high or low when it's brand new, but it pays to check the voltage when it's brand new.

  3. i was searching for this, you could name the video ' how to change, adjust or increase the electric generator output voltage'. just a suggestion 🙂

  4. Hello, I found this video really helpful. Right when I was getting frustrated that you were going on a bit, your text popped up saying as much and I had a laugh. Thanks heaps for sharing this.

  5. my generator made the lights flicker I was told the AVR was bad but I tried your trick and now it works fine this is a very helpful video thank you

  6. Please get a video camera operator to help you with making videos. I believe you could really shine in your video production on anything you do. This video is very good, but if this a calling, and you want to teach or show YouTube viewers. A 2nd person operating the video camera with be of great value. Also you show make notes so that you know where you are in your filming. Turn off the camera, when you get lost, and start over again. I believe you watch many YouTube video and must know, that the ones that have high quality production value, and not a one man show. I'll stop here. Thank for having the courage to produce and post your video on YouTube.

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