Adjusting the OHV valves on a Briggs 17.5 Intek Click link to pick up B&S parts.
I bought a Briggs and Stratton 17.5 HP Intek engine with a broken head, and in this video I show you how to attach the new cylinder head and valves. Part 1 of this series shows how to remove the engine from the tractor. Disclaimer:
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24 thoughts on “Adjusting the OHV valves on a Briggs 17.5 Intek

  1. Yeah, that is going to be one of my best video series. I put the parts in tonight and filmed it. I am going to put it in the tractor and try it out tomorrow. I feel bad for my neighbor he gave me the tractor and a week later I'm going to be cruising around the yard with this thing. I wish he would have asked me to fix it and not just buy a new one.

  2. So does the piston have to be all the way to the top?? Are until u feel it with the screw driver and then see if both rockers are loose??

  3. great video glad i watched had the pushrods backwards. still not running but don't think i adjusted valves at tdc going to try again tomorrow. these motors don't get very good reviews B&S aren't as good as they use to be in my opinion.

  4. great video thanks.  I have Craftsmann lt1000 with B&S 18hp OHV that looks very similar.  It is a 2003. For the past 2 seasons I have had very intermittent operation. It will cold start easily as long as I have a fully charged battery.  It runs well at both low and high rpms for about an hour.  Then it sputters when I slow it down to empty the bagger. Eventually it stalls and wont start again.  Sometimes it will start again and run well if I let it sit for an hour or so. 
    I have changed the gas cap thinking it could be clogged and slowing flow after a while. The fuel system does not appear to have a fuel pump.  the gas tank is just to the rear and a bit higher than the engine and I don't see a fuel pump. Lines appear to go from tank to filter (which I have changed) to side of carb.

    I had to replace a battery that was only 2 years old which makes me wonder about the battery charging. Unfortunately the ammeter is inoperative; but I did check voltage on the battery terminals while engine was running at operating speed.  It was only about 12.6 volts. I know car chargers run 13.5 to 15 or so.  Is that what I should see for this engine?

    Any ideas or helpful suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  5. I have same 17.5HP as in video.  checking compression I have exhaust but no pressure on intake.  broke valve? possibly stuck valve??  your guess???

  6. What would make it take a huge gulp of oil and blow heavy blue oil smoke ONLY when the tractor is leaning heavily to the left or right? Flat ground, never smokes. Starts easly and runs great otherwise.

  7. Great video fellow youtuber [But I wonted to tell you  that both valves shouldn't be set at 6 thousands /intake should be 3 to 5 and exhaust should be 5 to 7] even though the engine will run you could float a valve at high rpm causing the push rod to bend. iam a master service tec for Briggs and Stratton. [Just wonted to help.]  once again great video.

  8. doublewide6… Thanks for the help. I knew the valves were out of time on my B&S 18.5 HP. But wasn't for sure how to go about re-timing them. My owners manual says intake setting is 3-5 thousandths and exhaust is 5-7. I wasn't having any luck. I came across your video and you suggested 6 thousandths on both intake and exhaust. That was the trick! She's purring like a kitten now.

  9. Nice Job! You could do voice overs for Tom Hanks!,i just got one of these mowers. my engine is all black. ?,how do you adjust the idle?

  10. by any chance do you know if the engine has been updated? i have the same engine but mine has a black shroud where yours is red and has been used for a few years. i bought it used and runs pretty good. i guess i have to check valve clearance.

  11. HELP Same engine Intek 17.5 I did as you have shown. I got both intake and exhaust at 6 thousands. Spun it over and got it back to TDC and checked again 6 thousands. So that is OK. Put the plug back in and same shit. New battery. all cables good. Even pulled the air filter off. Any helpful suggestions most welcome.

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