Adjusting the tappet clearances on a Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine.
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Video showing how to adjust clearances on the Briggs motors we fit to our range of hovercraft.

It’s a simple enough job. The only ‘specialist’ tool required is a Trox T40 wrench.

Exhaust 0.008
Inlet 0.006
Rocker cover torque setting 8lb/ft
Spark plug torque setting 15lb/ft.



6 thoughts on “Adjusting the tappet clearances on a Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine.

  1. Just curious, the manuals i have come across state the exhaust and intake are spec'd at .004-.006. How did you come to the valve lash measurements you are using? Seems .008 would be too loose.

  2. Just want to say thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I have 16hp briggs and Stratton Vanguard twin with OHV on a hot water pressure washer. It is different year so valve covers slightly different with only two bolts, but everything else was same and totally on point. Machine was terrible hard to start with no other real symptoms and dealer tried to get me to buy new one. $65 in tools and parts (filter, oil, etc) and 1 hour of work and machine starts on first crank!! Both exaust tappets were tight, tight, tight. Could not get feeler gauge in before adjustment. Oddly both intake ports were right on still. Great video! Joe

  3. What size Vanguard engine is this? I ask because I have Vanguard 35 HP and I'm wondering if the tappet clearance would be the same on mine as what you have here. Great video btw.

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