18 thoughts on “Airplane Repo – Kevin Lacey – Engine Overhaul Series – Cylinder Installation

  1. Do those pistons use C clips / snap rings to retain the wrist pin in the piston? If not how are they retained? Clearly they are not press fit and I didn't see you put any clips on?

    I knew a guy one time who wrecked a pretty expensive small block by using full floating pins and forgot to put the clips in

  2. Thanks Kevin. This is going to be a great informative series for all of us enthusiasts who have their feet stuck on the ground. Damnit! Anyway, thanks for taking the time to do these videos!

  3. i know it is a bit late in the day, but we use a light coloured paint, like a light gray or light green, so as to high light any oil leaks that may happen early on, an old Air force / Army / Navy trick were cosmetics do not come into it.

  4. That's a neat way putting the cylinder on, that's how we do it with diesel engines we rebuild, they have a sleeve in the crankcase when you buy the sleeve now the pistons come mounted in the sleeve just push them down hook up the connecting rod and press the sleeve in the engine. Done

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