Another 30 yr old barn find 1960s Briggs and Stratton

I picked up this 60s 9HP Briggs and Stratton last week. The last owner said it was in a barn for years and needed the points adjusted/cleaned. I cleaned and gapped the points and cleaned the fuel bowl under the gas tank, checked the oil and connected a wire that was pulled apart thinking it would fix the spark problem, but soon I realized it wasn’t suppose to be connected and it fired right up.



One thought on “Another 30 yr old barn find 1960s Briggs and Stratton

  1. Love the cast iron Briggs engines. I have a few 9 hp's. Looks like a model 233… Making it at the oldest a mid 60's engine. I believe Briggs 9 hp engines with the model 233… were made up into the early 80's. I can't really read the first 2 numbers in the code number (which give the year of manufacture) in your video, but they look like 74 ? If that is the number that makes it a 1974 Briggs. Just an FYI.
    See Zippo's video at this link:

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