Antique 1958 Briggs model 23A Winco generator start and run part 1

Briggs & Stratton Model 23A-FB Antique Engine . All original-1958 in mint condition other than a little minor paint chipping on front blower housing, excellent for 57 years old. Engine made for powering a Winco, Wincharger corp Generator (a subsidiary of zenith radio corp). 9 horsepower (at the time Briggs most powerful engine and the most powerful residential generator available at time) for 1958 its like the power of a 15 horsepower today. Starts on first pull and runs excellent. This generator is still relevant today and would be the best generator available all original cast iron quality american made. The generator was manufactured in August of 1958 in Sioux city Iowa, USA and just turned 57. This information has been verified by Winco. Video part 1 of 2.



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  1. This engine is a single cylinder L head, air cooled, its Bore is 3", stroke 3,1/4, its Displacement is 22.97 cu. in.= 376.4 cc, 9 horsepower at 3600 rpm and 15.75 foot pounds torque at 2400 rpm, as I said in one of the video's the engine is a beast.

  2. UPDATE In the video I say that the generator is a 1963 model year. That information is incorrect. One way to tell right away is the Briggs logo on the front of the engine with the patent's was last used in 1959. Therefore it has to be a "59 or earlier. After contacting WINCO they gave me the correct information the generator was manufactured in August of 1958! Winco also sent me the original operators manual for the generator and I got the engine manuals from Briggs I now have all the original documents and it has been verified the generator is a 1958. Thank you.

  3. *Correction, engine has 500 watts more power than my modern Generator. This generator is the Grandfather to the modern generator. Gasoline with ethanol has never been run through this engine and I do not recommend it as this engine was built before ethanol was even conceived of. A dolly was added to it at some point in its life to make it more maneuverable. Also when I mentioned the brass fitting I did not angle the camera down low enough, however while watching the video you will see the brass fitting that is tied to one of the side carry bars that was used in place of the muffler to let the fumes out of the basement it was sitting in. Now an antique, this generator is still fully functional and can still be used in a power outage and will run your fridge, lights, computer, tv, etc all at once. The engine will run for 6 hours on a 50% load. I do not recommend using gasoline with ethanol, however. 10% ethanol fuel has been tested by the API and will be fine. It is just important to make sure the carb is run dry after use if using gasoline with 10% ethanol. Do not use gasoline with more than 10% ethanol. This engine and generator is a gem, very rare and an antique, all original in excellent condition and a great example of how things used to be made in America. This machine will be around way after all the chinese made junk has come and gone that is a guarantee. It is a 57 year old pristine antique generator that is ready to go to work.

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