Antique 1958 Winco Generator Briggs model 23A start and run part 2

Briggs & Stratton Model 23A-FB Antique Engine . All original-1958 in mint condition other than a little minor paint chipping on front blower housing, excellent for 57 years old. Engine made for powering a Winco, Wincharger corp Generator (a subsidiary of zenith radio corp). 9 horsepower (at the time Briggs most powerful engine and the most powerful residential generator available at time) for 1958 its like the power of a 15 horsepower today. Starts on first pull and runs excellent. This generator is still relevant today and would be the best generator available all original cast iron quality american made. The generator was manufactured in August of 1958 in Sioux city Iowa, USA and just turned 57. This information has been verified by Winco. Video part 2 of 2.



22 thoughts on “Antique 1958 Winco Generator Briggs model 23A start and run part 2

  1. I love the dome lite! I have an old kohler power plant from a boat with an extra large oil pan.ran it 8 days straight during power outage,except for shutting off for refills!! Bad Machine!

  2. I have it's little & bigger brother. Mine's a 2500 W with a model 14FB Briggs. Glad to hear you're keeping it together rather than parting it out. Too many people doing that (parting them out) trying to make quick dollars these days & very soon there will be no complete units of the older vintages left. I also have a later model Winco with a 10 hp model 243431 cast iron Briggs powering it. I believe it's a 4500 W ? It has provision to connect a 12V vehicle battery to the generator for electric start.

  3. It's a fantastic generator, I wouldn't have sold it, but I've done the same thing. If you're not using it then really why keep it around. Better to have someone else care for it.

  4. Turns out the old cast Iron powered generators are a lot quieter then the aluminum blocks. Go figure, but it make's sense.

  5. This engine is a single cylinder L head, air cooled, its Bore is 3", stroke 3,1/4, its Displacement is 22.97 cu. in.= 376.4 cc, 9 horsepower at 3600 rpm and 15.75 foot pounds torque at 2400 rpm, as I said in one of the video's the engine is a beast.

  6. UPDATE In the video I say that the generator is a 1963 model year. That information is incorrect. One way to tell right away is the Briggs logo on the front of the engine with the patent's was last used in 1959. Therefore it has to be a "59 or earlier. After contacting WINCO they gave me the correct information the generator was manufactured in August of 1958! Winco also sent me the original operators manual for the generator and I got the engine manuals from Briggs I now have all the original documents and it has been verified the generator is a 1958. Thank you.

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