Ariens 46″ Riding Lawnmower Belt Replacement HOW TO – 960460026-01

This is a detailed How To on belt replacement for many Ariens and other riding lawnmowers, as well as belt routing.

The model number of this mower is 960460026 01 or 93605300/a22h46 or 9306053.

If you’re having problems finding the replacement belt refer to the part numbers below. The belt dimensions are 105.75″ x .5″

Husqvarna / PIX 532405143
Craftsman, Poulan 405143
Ariens 21546607
Gates 6821BR
Napa 6821BR
Carquest 6821BR
Oreilly 6821BR

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22 thoughts on “Ariens 46″ Riding Lawnmower Belt Replacement HOW TO – 960460026-01

  1. thanks for posting the part numbers on a good informative video, good old utube, the place to go when things get confussing,,

  2. ive had the same problem, slack belt falls off motor pulley, no problem, get a new belt, old one stretched,,next issue,, my model number 960460056 says i have a 42in deck,, its molded on the grass chute in big numbers 46in. ok ill measure the thing, yes 46in. ???? the correct model # for a 46in. is 960460026 i could not even get on the ariens site, it says serial #error anything to make you crazy, quess ill take it to the auto parts store eye ball the thing, buy one a bit shorter,,

  3. we are confused cause it doesnt seem like the belt is strectched or really wrecked it just has low tensio … maybe a spring or another part on the deck that would tension it? thanks for any input

  4. My belt is in good shape except that it's stretched and comes off when I disengage the blades if I don't do it very slowly. Sometimes then the belt still falls off the drive pulley when I go over the ramp into the shed. Are the tension pulleys adjustable?

    Great video, btw!!! Thanks for posting!

  5. We're trying to replace our Ariens 42" tractor idler pulley for the drive belt. Does anyone know how to do this or where we can see other youtube videos to show us how? Thanks for your help!! 🙂

  6. Thank you so very much! I have been watching people take the deck off and I got overwhelmed even before trying. Keep up the good work!

  7. My Airens gear tractor drive belt has come off. The gears won't engage. Do you have instructions for replacing the drive belt? (or just putting the drive belt back on) Thanks. Great video!

  8. Im about to try this on my mower, hope the part for oreillys is correct and I can do the job, im pretty clumsy haha thanks for the video!

  9. Thanks! That was the handiest of all the videos I looked at. One thing that made my installation quicker than expected was that I kept the mower clutch disengaged during belt hookup, which made my finished installation look loose and wobbly. Thought maybe the belt was too long, but when I engaged the clutch it looked — and worked — it was supposed to. No tensioner pulley wrangling required this way. Thanks again.

  10. My neighbor borrowed my Ariens mower and disassembled my deck. Could you show me where to hook up the deck return spring and the clutch spring? Thanks

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