29 thoughts on “Ariens Mower 22hp 46 Inch Hydro + Auto overview

  1. great ! there were no vids when I bought mine .. It sure would have saved some confusion…hope you can use some tips from it. thanks

  2. Where did you buy your Airens at? What did you mean by Hydro plus auto? Do you have to leave your hand on the throttle stick or can you take it off when you get to the speed you want it at? I am thinking about getting one cause they seem pretty cool. Feed back please…thanks

  3. how's it still goin'? still a workhorse? do you have anything to add? We're thinking about getting one just like this.
    Thanks, fellow big orange dude.

  4. Damn good review…you pretty much nailed it. I don't own one, and will not, simply because it's just a little bit too big for my yard. I like the mower alot and wanted the same version in a 42" which was available, but was discontinued for this year. I think it had the same B&S V-Twin 22 HP engine, I know it looked the same. I was nursing along a 21 yr. old Murray last year, but it died (my fault..no oil..long story). Like the Husky Ariens branded mowers…great reviews on all of them.

  5. Can you post a picture or video of the belt routing? I had a spindle break and now trying to figure out the routing for the belt. The way the manual and the picture on the deck has it doesnt look like its going to work due to the belt keeper on one of the idler pullys rubbing on the belt in the direction they show it going.

  6. I've got the exact machine and it replaces a very similar 19/42" that I purchased 4 years earlier at Home Depot also. 1) The cut is not as clean as the 42", this is a 42" unit with an over-sized 46" deck that is too much for the machine for mounds and hills as it scalps over mounds where 42" did not & wheels spin out from the bigger deck pushing too hard up on the frame. 2) The deck needs constant adjustment 3) big steering flaw! front wheels splay out after hitting a few roots. Shop can't fix!

  7. I'm looking to buy the same one for my new house. I found a local dealer, the only difference I noticed between husqavarna and Ariens is on there push mowers and tiller is motor brand.

  8. I have this tractor and after 2 years (a month after the warranty was out) the transmission started slipping bad.  I have a small, flat shady yard and maybe 14 hours on it.  I am pissed.

  9. mine is still running great cutting 4 acres. i did put a manual choke lever on it because  you have to put it full throttle  for the choke to engage even though it has an internal oil pump.i don`t think its good for the pistons being cold running high throttle. now it starts quiet and I only have to slowly unchoke it in about 20 secs.

  10. I have the exact Same mower and it works great no issues and I'm only sending it for a check up sometime this coming week for the first time! 🙂 but thinking on getting a scag freedom z

  11. I have this mower and I'm less than impressed.  My auto choke wasn't working correctly so the mower would not start.  It was driving my crazy untiL I figured it out. I now have to manually push the thing up from the front of the mower while standing up with the emergency brake on an turning the crank.  It does fire up right away and its probably not an expensive fix but frustrating for a 2 year old mower.  Anyhow, today the steering went all wonky, and I looked down only to see my front left wheel not turning in the same direction/angle as the right.  I will say it appears to be easy to work on as I already have the ball studs off with the hopes that they are bent, hard to tell by looking at them.  I so wish I would have spent the extra money and purchased the John Deere.  I had a Scotts (Made by John Deere for one year) and had zippo issues with it.

  12. I have a 2009 ariens mower it wont rool. I cant even push it. back wheels are locked or locking when i try to push it. I have engaged and disengaged the pull trigger on back of mower. Still no luck with back wheels moving at all. Please anyone have idea. I have tried all kinda things to get it to roll. And yes i do have parking brake off.

  13. To Healthy American if it cranks and won't start check the choke mine was out of adjustment and won't start. Bought a 2014 Husqvarna last September and stored it after I got it home went to try and start it a month ago no way. The dealer said it was the choke cable out of adjustment

  14. I know A20VA46 is the Home Depot model number for this unit. Do you happen to have the Ariens Model Number for this available? I am looking at buying a used unit and the hood seems to be bent, not seated properly when it is down. I want to look up pricing on a new hood but cant find the Ariens model number. Thanks!

  15. do you still have this mower? I had the drive belt go out on mine and I need a reference picture of the belt retaining bracket at the motor. specifically the relationship of the bracket to the tabs on the chassis. can you provide pictures? or video? a video of the whole drive belt front to back would be even better. thanks

  16. this ariens, plus Husqvarna, plus craftsman were all built at the same factory in south carolina. today's black poulan mowers at home depot come from the same factory too. all four often have the same frames and the trim is changed for marketing. my ariens 93604200 a20bh42 is ftom 2010 and has a v2 briggs 20hp. it has been through one battery. it has the same blades and belts. i have changed the oil once. the air filter 4 times since yard is dusty. in cold weather or at the start of spring i often shoot some ether into the intake so it starts quickly. ie if it sits up for months often alot of cranking at start of season. unit is from 2010

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