28 thoughts on “Assembling Briggs & Stratton Engine Part 1 of 7

  1. Maestro disculpe que le escriba en español pero no se inglés, me gusta la forma como usted explica, tengo una podadora briggs stratton 140cc después de un rato trabajando tira aceite por el filtro del aire

  2. This guy can’t do anything but and he can’t even multitask trying to talk and do things at the same time we can’t do and I’d really don’t think he knows what he’s doing

  3. Hey Alchemist Lair, could help me?
    I followed yours seven videos for rebuilding my lawn mower engine Briggs. i needed to replace cylinder assembly and head cylinder for new parts, but after the work my engine didint work more. i adjusted correctly timing gear with camshaft in the mark, i adjusted the two valves for 0.15 mm intake and 0.25 mm for exhaust (Because tools in Brazil they are in milimeters in interval de 0.05 mm between they, and i converted closer possible 0.07 inches and 0.09 inches, exactly how you say in video), the flywheel and spark plug is aparently ok, even because there is no mistake in rebuilding this. is there test this? i only tested pulling the spark plug and the spark is right.
    I relly need help… my lawn mower model is 10T502-3263-H

  4. Wats the point of seal driver ? If a hammer and stick is used to fix it . You just set man kind back 100 years . Remember real mechanics watch YouTube just to laugh at shade tree mistakes. This educational video i use to teach kids how not to do it.

  5. Those seals most of the time can be knocked out from the back side with a small hammer and blunt object which is easier than trying to pull them out also u can crack the casing by trying to pry them out even with using a block of wood because ure prying down against that case with no support beneath the case

  6. I have a part that i dont know where it goes. its a small fiber washer. 5/8 in diameter with a square hole in the middle. The hole is .020 across the flats. The washer is .045 thick. .Help

  7. Hi, what kind on paint did you use for the two halves of the engine? Looks black and glossy but didn't know if it was standard rattle-can paint or something more specialized.

  8. Dude I have never seen someone who is more boring than you. You waste more time explaining unimportant things. You take at least 10 minutes to explain about a bolt. & videos just in order to put an engine back together. That is stupid.  Go back to school.

  9. I had a similar situation with the large crankcase seal where it was pitted in the aluminum where it seats. I used aircraft crankcase sealer (brown) on the outside of the seal and drove it home, wiping up the ooze. I then packed the inside with crank grease after the sealer had set for a couple hours. I'm having my grandsons watch your videos!

  10. I just took mine nearly completely apart. The camshaft, piston, etc. are all out. What can I use to clean it before reassembling? And any recommendations as to where to get a rebuild-kit with gaskets, seals, etc.
    The thing wouldn't start when I tried to burn off the last of the gas last fall, and it made a "clank" when I pulled the rope. I thought something broke inside, but the only things that have seemed amiss are a sheared keyway at the top of the shaft (fly wheel end), and the mower blade adapter was cracked (I'm sure I hit a big root at some point). The piston, cylinder, camshaft, piston arm, gears, appear fine, no scoring or scratches, no metal filings or pieces. ?????

  11. just started watching your videos. I will be working on a 10hp Briggs soon for my riding lawmower. I will be rebuilding them I will get all new parts, cant wait to get started I will do videos so others can do the same. thanks for sharing.  

  12. Cool clip. I like the approach to the quality of work. Bearing race drivers, non-marring pads for the vise, light coat of protectant on engine components. I noticed an engine block bagged – a good way to ensure that junk doesn't settle on the surface of it. 

  13. Found no mark on the piston… As far as I can tell it is the original piston…. That is to say I have no reason to think otherwise…. It had a bit of carbon but I cleaned it up and saw no indicator. This engine appears to be from 77.

  14. Is this a new piston? If not you may have to clean it very well as the carbon buildup may be covering it. Sometimes the marks are very subtle but always go the the exhaust side. If it is a new piston, ask the piston manufacturer on their website. Last option is to buy a new piston with proper marking and then you will be sure!!

  15. Well the good news is that this is a project just for the halibut… There is an "x" on one side of the rod and/or on the inside of the piston. It is raised rather than being stamped in like an "arrow" would be on top… I will have to look some more! Thank you for your reply!

  16. I have seen rings with no indicator of which side should face up, in that case it does not matter. I have to say that I have never seen a piston without an exhaust indicator, so I cannot give you advise on what to do in that case. Sorry!!!

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