49 thoughts on “Barn Find 1974 Briggs & Stratton 92908 Lawnmower… Too Far Gone, so Steam Engine Conversion?

  1. im currently working on my own briggs (i think whoever assembled it fucked up the timing, gotta fix that next) and its interesting how the design didnt change much over the years. have fun turning it into a steam engine

  2. A bit hacky approach but if you take multimeter rated for up to 5 kV range you can probably use it to measure what voltage your magneto outputs when you rotate flywheel at speed nominal to this mower. Then from parameters of the magneto that you have you can estimate what parameters you need.

    Basically the magneto generates some EMF in the coil that you have wound around magnetic conductor. Assuming that your excitation magnets on flywheel will produce same flux density regardless of magneto conductor cross-section (this is highly affected by air gap and relative area of magnets on the side of flywheel to cross-section of your magneto's conductor), the output voltage is a product of cross-section of conductor and number of turns in the coil. So, i.e. your spark plugs need 2kV to cause breakdown and you measure that your magneto outputs only 1 kV. In such case you will need to look for a magneto with 2 times the number of turns given the same magnetic conductor cross-section area. If you don't know the breakdown voltage of your spark you can estimate it from dimension of air gap in spark plug using 3 kV/mm for air breakdown field strength.

    P.S. If you don't have such high rated multimeter you can use voltage divider circuit using some beefy high-voltage resistors with 1:10 or 1:5 ratio for a 1 kV rated multimeter.

  3. That mower is far from too far gone. You just lack experience fixing them. Illustrated parts lists and official Briggs and Stratton repair manuals are a good start to begin learning.

  4. What if the steam engine is fueled with bio-diesel? Or were you planning on propane? Another way to make a steam powered lawn mower would be to make a steam engine powered generator to charge batteries on an electric mower. The external combustion engine and generator could stay in place and have a bigger boiler that way.

  5. I know disabled comments soo o can say whatever i want.. Sooo Not now, nor ever have i been part of the communist party! Also i once stole a pack of gum when i was 5 , it was juicy fruit and i never looked back

  6. It looks like you had the cylinder head loosened all down the top edge. Since it was making some spark, this might be the reason it wouldn't run. Either way you're likely making the right call, you can get a working mower 20-30 years newer for about Β£25 on ebay

  7. also, the old magnetos are opposite, try putting the magneto on upside down… the magnet polarity is backwards on the old engines.

  8. Hmm, it looked like you got a shock while holding the spark plug and pulling the crank. If you did, you're getting spark. LOL (Though I did see the note were you said you were getting weak spark, so I'm sure you already know. :)) Since this is just for funzies, I think if I were in your shoes, I'd go for broke and put the spark plug back in, throw a little gas in the carb and give it a crank to see if fires. πŸ™‚ I mean, it's early 1970s tech, so its still under the "made to last" umbrella.

  9. Wowwwww….I'm surprise to see a woman doing this particular action of fixing a old rusty engine…I know guys that will trashed this …no question ask….but here you are…doing exactly what I like…fixing things just because I can and I like it.

  10. Heard a Cardinal in the back ground sounds. I have one that come begging twice a day here. Our Cardinals are all dingy in color. Not the Bright Red like yours would be.

  11. Dang stuff sure rust up where you are. Here in New Mexico that would have hardly any on it. I've never worked on that type of Recoil Spring set up. At least now I know what's going on inside. Thank You.

  12. Sorry you got upset on my comments. All I did was ATTEMPT to provide some useful information to you. No point in you making the same mistakes I did years and years ago. Guess I should be keeping those idea's under my hat ? I do enjoy your video's. Found you when looking for more E-Bike Battery information.

  13. You should try to start it with some starting fluid, like that petrol in a can and see if it starts.

    Or you could restore the base and only buy a engine.

  14. RE: Annoying comments – I've seen a channel or two go down, taken off youtube completely because of comments. They tend to affect the genuine youtubers, not the false. I'd get someone else to read through them if you find too many of them annoying – can you get a friend to delete them off if you don't like someone's attitude?. Also, when I said you really need a few power tools, you can get them quite cheaply on eBay. I've bought some in the UK for around $30 which are great value. If someone is selling on a 'buyer collect' basis check with them if you can cover the postage via a courier and check out how much the cheaper courier's three or five day services are and you may be able to get some great deals. The channel is about improvising with all the things you have and trying to get jobs done well, not about having the best brushless set of De Walt or Milwaukee tools. Good luck..!

  15. Hi if you still have the little milwaukee impact you got given with the drill , you can buy super cheap adaptors so u can use sockets ' makes flywheel nuts a easy πŸ‘

  16. You have a perfectly fine scrapyard near to where you live… There's no need to start your own in your backyard.. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

  17. as im watching this I pulled over an old coin double candy gum ball machine on a little pole missing glass on one side but started cleaning it up and am going to come up with a use for the second side missing glass. labled Northwestery, morris illinois edit: looked it up and I think i can find parts!

  18. Just a thought, but it might work to put a little neon indicator bulb in series with the spark plug, if you're having trouble seeing the spark. Other than that, I've got no advice. Lawnmower repair is always miserable–you kept at it longer than I would've. Good luck with the steam conversion, seems interesting.

  19. Cause it's way easier to hand build a complex steam engine and boiler than it is to get an old 3.5 B&S to start up…
    Makes perfect sense, Said No one ever…

  20. I made a steam mower too years ago. Had the same problems with inadequate steam supply too. i ran mine off an external boiler and had no worries but limited range from the hose HAHA. Never got to full speed though, the inlet valve spring could only hold back about 75 psi before leaking. Hope this helps πŸ™‚

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