50 thoughts on “BASIC Tools Needed for Small Engine and Lawn Mower Repair

  1. @SmallEngineWrencher That would probably be the best way to buy them. pawn shops are a good place for used tools too. I tell you one thing i like about craftsman is their ratchet design, "box shaped" handle, i love that, and they got a lifetime warranty so yeah haha oh i will, i'm "off" for the winter, not at my garage but i got a ton of videos to upload through out the winter haha

  2. @SmallEngineWrencher oh yeah they have a great warranty. I've heard that about snap on before. I try not to hammer on my craftsman screwdrivers, i got a cheap set for that purpose 🙂

  3. @old64goat Craftsman, look for Craftsman easy to read sockets, they are laser etched. I like them to, saves time trying to see what the regular sockets say haha thanks for watching!

  4. Is there any particular torque wrench you need? I've got one that has 1/2" drive and is rated 42 – 210Nm(don't quite know what that means) – is this suitable for small engines? It's massive!

  5. my main torque wrench is 3/8" drive, oh wow haha that would be good for torqing flywheels, not so much for head bolts or crankcase bolts, you need something up to like maybe 250 inch pounds or so, most bolts are less than that small engines, yours is measured in newtons, i don't a thing about that!!! thanks for watching!!!

  6. i think mine is a 4", that should work on just about any small engine, a 4" compressor will go down to like 2" and up to 6, so it pretty much covers any engine, for that matter.

  7. Yes I highly recommend craftsman sets, actually most of the sockets/wrenches/ratchets you see in this video was from a 239 piece set, but i've added alot to it, mine is the easy-to-ready laser etched set, which makes the socket very easy to read, I see pretty good but I do find these alot easier than standard sockets. You could spend 10,000 on a complete set and still be adding to it a week later haha thanks for watching!!!

  8. I would recommend checking out trade/vocational schools. many of them will offer a class, some may offer a part time evening class for a few hours a day. Me, on the other hand, I've learned all i know by helping my dad and doing research online, but its best to get into a SE class. They are easy to work on, just alot of stuff that you need to know. Hope this helps feel free to ask questions and thanks for watching!!!

  9. Good question, i've never really totaled it up but i'd estimate somewhere between 300-400 or more, most of mine are craftsman. You can go with cheaper tools, but I don't really recommend it. I like craftsman and klein. but a good part of my tools came from harbor freight, which is kind of a hit and miss to be honest, sockets and wrenches are great but most of there screwdrivers aren't, but it depends. And your constantly adding to it! Hope this helps, thanks for watching!!!

  10. Nice tools. Funny I think if I could name the one tool I use the most out of any tool it would be my fine tip Stanley scratch awl. Good for poking around in carbs to scraping crud out from engine cooling fins. I just always seem to find a use for it.

  11. thanks! Heard that! That would be handy to have, i usually use a small flathead screwdriver for stuff like that. I might have to pick up one! thanks for watching!!!

  12. nothin like payin someone to turn little screwdrivers on a carb as big as a golfball for 100 an hr, THANKS UTUBE for all the know how posts

  13. like an exhast screen on a weedwacker when it clogs-'they' mechs know what the problem is but tell harry homeowner to leave it there and put a number on it so they can charge 80 labor on a 100 dollar trimmer -there worse than plumbers

  14. To be honest with you, I don't actually do this work for a living, the stuff i work on in these videos is either mine or my buddies, someday i hope to open up a shop, its always been a dream of mine. If your in a good location you can make decent money at it, just depends on the area. And in this "break and buy new" world, you would have to cut prices down to get business in. Its definitely worth considering. If you have any questions feel free to ask! Thanks for Watching!

  15. I opened a small engine repair shop about 4 months ago. I still have my full time job so I work on small engines after work and all day on Saturdays and Sundays. I can't believe how much work is coming in. I grew up in a shop so repairing this equipment just comes naturally to me. I just advertise on facebook garage sale sites and printed up some business cards and it took off. If your honest, do quality work, and don't over charge people then word of mouth spreads quickly.

  16. Heard that! I plan to open a shop up eventually. Good to hear that you are getting plenty of work! Thats a good idea on advertising like that. That is very true. Good luck with your business!!! Thanks for Watching!!!

  17. Nice video,i do all my own repairs on my work machines and even my van.Its rewarding and keeps costs down.Craftsman tools are great but not that easy to get in uk.

  18. Some more tools I couldn't do without. Air hammer with attachments. 4" angle head grinder with metal cut off wheel, a good welder, the 7 special screwdrivers you need to adjust 2 cycle carburetors,

  19. yea it makes lawnmower fixing look easy. that small magic screw that every customer knows exists on their lawnmower to put it right after they put in dirty fuel and cant understand why a mechanic charges them 30 dollars to repair.

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