49 thoughts on “BELT REPAIR on Husqvarna Lawnmower 65021 ES

  1. Excellent excellent video. Thank you this was very helpful. I was unsure that the blade guide would come up. This is a very good precise to the point video.

  2. Hi don. Do you have the drive assembly configuration fro the husqvarna? Both wheels are stripped but wheel adjuster assemblies are loose.

  3. Run, don't walk away from Husqvarna mowers, especially the ones with AWD and Honda engines. They have major design flaws that will cost you a lot of money to repair. If you think Husqvarna + Honda = Quality you'd be WRONG! Here's why I think this way. In 2017 I bought the 22 inch deck with the 190cc Honda engine. I babied this mower more than any other that I've owned. When I say any other I only had one in the last 15 years before the Husqvarna. Last month this $450 mower basically self-destructed upon hitting a 3/4" diameter X 6" long stick. I am not lying about it. That was all it hit. Rear plastic shroud under deck broke in half ($15). That was what was supposed to protect the drive gearbox. Rear gear box ruined because the stick or drive engagement cable snapped off the connection arm that is molded into the lower gearbox. Without that arm you have no AWD therefore you have to buy a new gearbox ($70). That molded in connection arm is an incredibly stupid design flaw. After I replaced the shroud and gearbox I started the mower to see if everything worked. It did. Since I didn't know that it would for sure I didn't fill the gas tank lest I have to drain the gas and oil. I stopped the mower and topped off the tank. I tried to start it again at which point the mower kicked back so violently that the plastic starting tee/cord yanked out of my right hand and struck my left hand so hard it tore a gash in it. Once I bandaged that up I rolled the mower under the carport only to find that the blade had sheared the "spider" off the mounting hub and the blade was lying in the driveway. ( mounting hub $17) Now the dealer says that the problem is that either the flywheel pin sheared (I don't see evidence of that) or the timing belt has slipped or broke and the timing is off causing the valves to be opened or closed when they shouldn't be. And if that is the case the Honda engine may be ruined ($400+). I'm going to take the damn thing apart because I can't afford to pay the dealer to fix it. Neither can I afford to hear him tell me he'll give me $50 off on a new mower and he''use it for parts. I'd wind up in jail for trying to kill him. I'm going to go buy something else and write it off. A tough $500 dollar lesson that anyone considering these pieces of sh*t doesn't have to pay if they take my word.

  4. My Husqvarna self propelled lawn mower with Honda engine does not disengage blade when I release the orange bar, what is that due to?
    It won’t turn off and won’t disengage the blade when I release orange bar

  5. You are very clear and knowledgeable about the mower . I would like to ask you a question ? Ever since I got my mower the engine seems to race , do you k ow what I can do for this problem . I ha e been searching as I also need to replace belt . Thank you

  6. Good work, Donyboy. No wasted space. And no rap music in the background. One other thing. The small hardware – 3/8 and 5/16 – can be easily stripped if overtightened. Cheers.

  7. wow I really needed this. I found a fairly new husqvarna hu700f with no drive. but I will try to put new cable & belt on to see if that work

  8. thanks for the video Donyboy
    question on this mower, my mower bogs down and quits in average length grass. I sharpened the blades, but still quits.
    let me know. thanks again

  9. Thanks young man, though it is 6 years later. I am trying to replace belt on HU800AWD, the rear pulley guard is a son of a gun to remove, but I remembered how you took off the front wheel drive belt and did this to the 4 wheel drive. The awd is a lot more complex, and one needs a full set of sockets and about four hours of cussing just to change a simple belt, gag us Husqvarna. Maybe the next time will be easier. This machine stores and packs grass and dirt under the front shroud like a squirrel stores nuts for winter. No other video on U tube covers this project, they are scared to. Any who thanks.

  10. I have a 5521CHA with similar front drive. How can you check if the gear box is working properly on the front drive? The pull has become weak and I'm replacing the belt but when I engage the gear box and try to move things by hand it doesn't seem to do much.

  11. This is the actual model i have but my problem is not the belt. I have gas leaking from 2 little holes on to the filter.  The lawn mower does not have to be on.  As soon as you fill the tank up it starts to leak.  please help!!!

  12. Thank you, Sir! This video really helped me out and solved the problem. I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge with others. All the best to you.

  13. tthanks for quick reply,i love your videos,i have learnt alot even though I am not a natural mechanic but have. saved lot of money through your videos,you are very good teacher

  14. hi there can you please tell me which way I have to tilt lawnmower when I work on it ,so I dont damage engine ,hope this makes sense.thanks

  15. Very nice video .I have a husqvarina with Kolher engine . I have had so much trouble with the mower from day One. Had it in the shop for 3 months waiting on a new Carb from Kohler done under free service but when I got it home once again it worked fine first time . But, now everytime I want to use it I have to pull the spake plug pour gas in and them replace plug and pull start. Cross fingers it starts first time or I have to remove plug again. Husqvarina is very poor for customer service.

  16. @jackieandley hi, u can pull it off, if it is stuck on you can use a 2 jaw puller, check out my video called How To Remove A Lawnmower Blade Adapter

  17. @svcruz here in canada i get it at an automotive store. some marinas have some too but quacker state which is good too. DO NOT BUY THE NON-DETERGENT SAE 30

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