Bent Pushrods In A Lawn Mower Engine! What Causes Them?

Have you experienced your lawn mower not stating or having low power? And when you or the repair shop checks into it you find that one of your pushrods has bent? In this video we show what causes a pushrod to bend and we explain what can be done to prevent it from happening again. REMEMBER, HEAT IS THE BIGGEST KILLER OF ANY INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE!! That is true with lawn mower engines, car & truck engines, motor cycle engines, boat engines, etc. Be sure to take the time to make sure your cooling system is working properly. This is even more important in air cooled engines such as the ones found in most lawn mowers. Take the time to remove the shrouds every year before you start mowing to make sure that no mice or anything else has got in there and built a nest or chewed through any wires or hoses. A valve guide coming loose and causing a bent pushrod is minor compared to having a mouse build a nest in your cooling fins and having fuel leak from the fuel line that they chewed through which could be absorbed by the mouse nest and cause a fire hen the engine gets hot. Bottom line is keep your engine clean and it will last you longer, cost you less money, and less headaches.

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19 thoughts on “Bent Pushrods In A Lawn Mower Engine! What Causes Them?

  1. peen it ruff it up red lock tight beat it back in same with valve seats head fixed ..or one could let it rust and then press it back in i even thought about a little acid on it press in place [forced corrosion] i learned a few Russian style tricks

  2. I found the exhaust valve stuck. Broke it loose and oiled it. I straightened the push rod. Should I just replace it? What causes them to do this? The mower had been sitting for a while. The valve guide was good.

  3. The exhaust valve push rod on my Kohler xt675 was bent. I turned the flywheel and the valves do not open. Will have to check valve guide besides inside engine.

  4. Can you get a complete head? I can't find a complete head with valves and springs, I have a 28HP Kawasaki and all I can find is the bare head. Do you just re-use your old valves, springs, rockers?

  5. Awesome! Thanks for the tips. I inherited a Husqvarna with a 23HP motor that was said to have "bent pushrods" i am going to take it apart once it warms up a bit and do some digging around. What the usual cost for a new head to replace it and it sound like its pretty easy to replace?

  6. Something in my Kawasaki engine on my Toro is ticking. I removed the valve covers and adjusted. It didn’t help. Everyone keeps saying oh Kawasaki’s are just noisy. Or oh that’s normal. It doesn’t sound normal to me. Can you take a look at my couple videos on my channel and see what you think?? There’s only about 6 videos total. All are less than 30 seconds. The engine doesn’t have any loss of power. The only thing that is odd is sometimes when I go to throttle up from idle it takes a second to catch up if I go to quick.

  7. i'm going to pull the valve cover off my briggs single cylinder engine and check it is loud like the exhaust is trying to come through the carb even puffs smoke out of carb and when it started it got so slow a power wheels could pass it

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