BMW E46 M54 Engine Rebuild Tools Parts #m54rebuild 2

I began my rebuild when I did a compression test and noticed I had poor compression in cylinders 2-6 (about 142 psi, the bottom of the service limit). Cylinder 1 head 160 psi. A leakdown test showed leakage into each adjacent cylinder. Of course my engine also had the oil consumption problem (1 quart every 1000 miles) that every M54 engine has, which is caused by the oil rings which wear down prematurely (the M52TU used different oil rings which did not have this problem). There was also coolant loss, which I didn’t measure precisely.

If you want to see my excel spread sheet of all my parts and tools and the prices I found click here:

This is the timing tool kit I bought from eBay (probably gonna be out of stock forever):

M54 piston rings with M52TU oil control rings:
Partially NPR (Nippon Piston Rings), made in japan, and partially Grant, made in USA.

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  1. Can't wait to watch this series of videos!!!!  You mentioned not having a relationship with a machinist yet so I thought maybe if you have any technical questions regarding the machining of your head and block I would take your question to my father who has been an automotive machinist his whole adult life.  Runs a very successful shop in Bend OR.  Just a thought if you come across something down the road. Just shoot me your question and I will get you an answer asap.  I would recommend having the head fluxed for cracks.  You didn't mention anything about that in the videos. I have seen many engine rebuilds over my time and did some of my own but only chevy stuff. lol. So I'm really excited to see you do this one.  Have a good day.

  2. That is a great spreadsheet!  You put so much time and effort into this channel.  I cannot tell you how appreciative I am for the quality and no BS content on display here.  Do you have a support account with one of the Patreon sites?  I see how much these tools are going to cost and I would like to help support your work.  Thanks again.

  3. Great videos! This project is more than I would want to take on for my E46 but I'll be sure to watch the series for interest and learning. I also need to say thanks for your VANOS rebuild video, really helpful when I did mine!

  4. Your videos make me love my 330ci even more! Just one thing I'm not so convinced about is the DIY cylinders honing. How much a machine shop would ask for that ?

  5. I have the same Vanos kit, the Exhaust and Intake cam jig is not the right size you'll have to file it down a little to make it work. I retimed my engine like a week ago. Best of luck!!!!

  6. You should have bought the Mitutoyo measurement equipment, the other stuff are not very accurate.
    Also missing on the shopping list is a ridge reamer, there is a very likely chance that you will have taper at the top of the bore and carbon residue. Make sure you push in the pistons with your fingers, do not use a hammer handle.

    Personally I use my fingers to install the rings, the tools tend to break rings more than often.
    If hope you won't bugger the bores with the mixed rings.

    Plastigauge for checking nip and crush?

    If you can find a set of plastic connecting rod guides, use them.

    Standard Piston diameter = 83.995mm
    Oversize permitted if cast iron sleeved block = 84.245mm

    Its unlikely that the headgasket would go bad, I suggest you send the head to a machine shop to check for valve sealing.
    Return all the valve tools, send the head to a machine shop.

  7. What brand of window regulator do you use.  I had a new, rt passenger front regulator fail after only 5 months – brand was prime choice off of ebay… they refused to refund or replace unless I had a letter from a certified mechanic–so total rip off… what brand do you use that is reliable??? thanks bob

  8. Are these getting aired out of order? I remember your video on the oil level senor from a few days ago. I think you would have complained a little bit more if that china one you bought broke again already!

  9. Dude I like ur vids but calling somebody a hack just for not using new TTY bolts is a little unfair. There is an upper stretch limit for TTY bolts and if that isn't reached, they can be reused. I have reused bolts on 10s of engines without a single failure. Just rebuilt an Audi 3.2 FSI engine in 2005 A6, reused ALL TTY bolts and car runs like a dream. It is a scam by manufacturers to sell u crap you don't need (bearings yes, TTYs personal preference). I researched after watching ur vid and didn't find a single forum where one can actually claim to have had failure using TTY bolts. A lot of anecdotes but no actual experience. Ford 6.0 powerstroke head bolts are an exception. When Subaru does warranty head gasket jobs (which is quite often LOL), they reuse TTYs. Also u are having the worst possible luck with your 330, I had one for 3 years 25K miles and only had a bad guibo/carrier bearing and broken idler pulley.

  10. Hi, you will need a full set of gasket for intake/exausht/oil filter … the full set, maybe you will get it with the head gasket. And you don't really need the angle thing for torquing the head, that's always half a turn or quart of turn … just set you wrench on a strait side of the engine and use it as a reference. In some case, like the bolt near the passenger strut tower you don't have enought space to use it, and it can sometime be quiet hard to find ( in france anyways, i don't know for usa).

    Maybe it's a good time to think about the oil pump too, dualmass flywheel, steel brake line that are impossible to reach with the engine in place ( the right front one).

    Good luck !

  11. never trust any engine parts that comes out of a box ..measure everything for engine rings rings will not work if the bore is nikisol and the same for cast iron sleeves and cast iron rings, as for honing with brush hone you need to finish off with cross hatch finish 45degree and hone with 180 grit is the best …. as for crank bearings measure  crush for oil clearance with plasti guage .if your motor had high mileage then you might need a ridge remover for the carbon lip on the engine block so you can get pistons out without damaging them …I have rebuilt hundreds of motors over the years and everyone is a challenge
    lots of luck

  12. Hi i like your videos a lot 🙂 looking forward for engine rebuild series 🙂 as you don't mentioned i would also recommend you to change timing and oil chains with sprockets (oil sprocket nut is a CCV), timing chain tensioner, the crankshaft main bolt, new dowel pins for head alignment, gasket for oil filter housing to the block, thermostat housing gasket to the head, intake and exhaust gaskets and its a good time to replace injector o rings. This site will help you navigate with parts and locations – Good luck and greetings from other side of the pond 🙂

  13. Hey man, I have an M54B30 that I'm wanting to rebuild, now I'm gonna wait to watch you do it before I jump in. I can't wait, thank you so much! Can you put the part number for the flex-hone on you parts list? Thanks for all your hard work, I appreciate that you're recording in 1080p60 by the way, it looks awesome. p.s. there will be some more funds coming your way, cheers!

  14. do you need all these tools if you are just doing the new piston rings for oil consumption (no compression issues). I don't even know if these happen independently. trying to learn pro-actively should by e46 start consuming oil.

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