Bolens by MTD lawn mower

21 inch cut, briggs 550 series engine. owner bought it brand new, filled up the oil and gas, then his son went to use it and dumped gas in the oil fill tube. drained out the gas and oil in the crankcase and refilled it with good oil, replaced the air filter (because it was full of oil and gas from the pcv breather), and replaced the spark plu (because it out saturated with oil through the carb from the breather). now it runs great.



11 thoughts on “Bolens by MTD lawn mower

  1. this is exact series mower that I have:

    my mower runs but sounds like its not getting enough air. I brushed off the sponge filter which was really dirty, could replace it though. How do you get to the carb?

  2. say i to have this model. And id like t9o know are there any oil pumps that can be bought to help change the oil? The oil in mine is long over due to be changed and is of course black though not thick to not flow. So anyone have any ideas?
     Because now its even difficult to start up. Spark plugs been cleaned gas is in and by the way is it any way to clean the filter and reuse it?

  3. I have this exact same mower and I love it.  Awesome little work horse.

    You wouldn't have any idea where I could purchase the bag, would you?  I've tried searching the major places…lowes, home depot, amazon, etc….I can't seem to find one that will match up to this model.

  4. Hi….I have the exact same mower and lost my gas cap.  I can't locate the model number on my mower….do you know what it is?

  5. I need help. . I just bought a bolens 500 mower and I can't get it to start its fresh out of the box… is there a stop start switch on this mower that I'm not seeing?

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