I will show you how to make maggots at home using only very simple tools like a bucket, drill and some rotting meat. My Gear (Shop and Support):

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I wasn’t sure if our trophy hatchery rainbow trout pond fish from Lyndon would love maggots or not, but the results are surprising!

Maggot Life Cycle

The life cycle of a fly begins when a female lays an egg on a food medium like rotting meat. A female fly can lay up to 150 eggs at a time. Over a period of a few days, the female can make 5-6 batches of eggs. Eggs are deposited in compost, manure and other decomposing organic material. Eggs resemble very small grains of rice.

After 23 hours, the eggs hatch into the first larvae stage known as a maggot. These are legless white insects. They are basically worms with a mouth piece. All they do is crawl around eating voraciously. During the maggot stage, they will molt several times, once at 27 hours and 22 hours, and finally into a pupae at 130 hours.

After feeding, the maggot will find a place to pupate or cocoon into a brown hard shell. This protects the inactive fly. Over the course of three to six days (143 hours), the pupae develop legs and wings, ultimately emerging as full-grown house flies. Within two to three days, female house flies are capable of completing the life cycle and depositing eggs or mating with a female.


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32 thoughts on “BREEDING MAGGOTS, the ULTIMATE FISH FOOD (Surprising Results)! | Feeder for TROPHY TROUT

  1. I once watched a guy i worked with try and drill a hole in in a thin wall metal tube. He tried for like 10min, then ask why he couldn't get it to drill a hole. I took his drill and flipped it to foward……..when you tried drilling holes in that bucket it all came back. Lmao

  2. Straw feeder works better the smell is from anaerobic baterรญa, flies will breed and there is less smell. Plastic buckets hold to much moisture

  3. I saw a maggot feeder that was just some chicken wire stretched over 4 post , The guy just put his fish scraps and other dead stuff on top of the wire and nature did the rest. You might want to put it way on the back side of the pond away from where you fish or swim etc.

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