26 thoughts on “Briggs 3.5HP Carb Rebuild

  1. At 10:10 you said tighten the screws in a crisscross pattern. I agree with you except I noticed in my B&S manual it states to go in a circular pattern tightening those screws, beginning with the screw nearest the engine, furthest away from the head. I'm not trying to be nit picky, and I'm sure a crisscross pattern works, just wanted to let you know. Thumbs up on the video, too.

  2. Great videos. That's one of the main reasons I watch because they are not professional drama involved videos. Keep up the great work.

  3. Bruce, get the cheap carb cleaner at Walmart. it's 1.99 (US) and it's great for cleaning. You can have a can of the good stuff on hand for the precision work.

  4. Love your videos, frankly I think you do a great job especially since you don't have a camera person or 2 or 3 camera's laying about. I really like those carbs also anything that can make my life easier I am all for!

  5. I cleaned the carb on the exact same engine and installed new diaphragm and gasket. Starts first time but starts to run ruff after about 30 seconds . Changed the plug but still the same . Checked compression 55 and that seems good , would you have a suggestion on what else could cause misfire and rough run when warmed up. Could ignition coil cause this ? . Love your videos and watch faithfully.

  6. Wow 6 bucks a can I agree with the other people on 2 bucks at wally world. I get the good stuff For 3 bux and change and use that for the chainsaw carbs and weedeaters.

    Maybe you have a buddy across the border that can bring you cases of the cheap stuff. I usually use the old gas from the tanks of mowers that I work on and use a paint brush to clean the out side of the carbs and tanks like those you worked on. I save all old gas in older gas cans and then transfer to a folgers coffee can.

    Those are the easiest carbs to work on I pay 3 bucks at the parts house but I have a supplier that I pay 1.90 for the kit.

    What part of Canada you live in ? I have cousins in Laval ~!~!

  7. I'm getting two free mowers tomorrow and they both have these old 3.5 Briggs engines. I've never really worked on these carbs before (Other than removing them), so this video is going to be very helpful! 🙂

  8. I THINK I mentioned to you about an engine I have that sucked its primer bulb in and then shut off and then the bulb would come back out again on its own. Well, the mower and engine are identical to yours, right down to the year. I cleaned it in exactly the same way you did. But, it still sucks the bulb in….. only thing is now it doesn't shut off. Do you have any issues like that with this engine you have here??

  9. Remember Bruce we are laughing WITH you and not at you my friend. I would like to second Dave down below. You make em and i'll watch em.

  10. I see you have a opposed twin briggs in the tractor, I have two of em 20hp in my lt1000 and a 16hp one sitting on a milk crate waiting for another tractor for it to go in, love those motors sound like an old prop airplane

  11. Bruce, love your videos.  Rebuilt the same carb on a 5hp BS.  After installing, I can barely get the unit to turn over.  Pulling the cord was not hard before and now it is very hard to turn the engine.  I put my wrench on the square plug and it turns, but not easily.  What in the world happened.    Please offer help

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