Briggs 4HP / 5HP / 6HP Governor & Throttle Linkages (5HP as ex.)

Requested video on how the linkages and governor is setup on the older 5hp engines, same on 4hp and the more rare model 14 6HP as well if it has the original style carburetor. Thanks for Watching!!!



13 thoughts on “Briggs 4HP / 5HP / 6HP Governor & Throttle Linkages (5HP as ex.)

  1. Thanks for this.Your video is a help.I got my 4hp back together (asked you about it in another video)with two new tappets.New carb. Diaphram installed.Checked valve clearances.Linkage was kicking my butt.Throttle rod was bent badly at bottom and took awhile to figure it out it should not be bent severely where Z bend is.Does it matter if linkage goes in from the block side in the hole on govenor?Thats how mine was an I put it on that way and it was a pain to get it in from that side.Had to loosen and pull Governor arm out to make room.See yours goes in the front side.Got it going with starting fluid and running off tank,but having issues restarting off the tank and no help from fluid.

  2. I have a flathead 5hp briggs that was on a log splitter and on the end of the crankshaft is this thing called a lovejoy and I can not for the life of me get it off the set screw is rusted on is there any other way I can get it off.

  3. THANK YOU for all of your great videos!!! I just subscribed yesterday after finding your channel. It is the best small engine repair channel that I have found on YouTube! Thanks so much for all the quality information found here!!!

  4. Thanks , your the only sub I press like before I’ve watched the video.. I’m from uk after exhaust,126£ 😳eBay for new one … I’m watchin a used one for a tiller I’m doin up …. all the best stay save 👍🏼

  5. That's IT! Good explanation and shots! If I have much trouble out of the 5 on the splitter I have an old style pull choke carb and tank and I'll swap and that'll end all that non-running mess. Got the Poulan going with the $15 aftermarket carb but had to can the top butterfly. Why they put that on there I'll never understand. Like a secondary on a 4-barrel with no jets in it. But it does fine so far. Running Tru-fuel but going to non-booze gas with Stihl oil on the next fill up. Remain calm and looks like you got the block welded on the power plant. GOOD deal and pick me some!

  6. Thank you so much again for doing this video and definitely going into detail for quite a bit of us who were all having the same issues. Would you by chance have a part number for that governor spring?

  7. Perfect video for what I am needing. I still have my briggs motor in my porch that has no linkage or springs. I was able to clean things up and get spark but waiting for the perfect video on how to build the linkage.

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