5 thoughts on “Briggs and Straton Governor Spring Replacement

  1. Thanks! Briggs and Stratton and various lawn mower places were of no help because the engine was B&S but mower was Bolens – identical to Murray.

  2. Have the same 3.75 mower under a different name. Needed to replace the spark, carburetor and the springs were destroyed by dad's Alzheimer's reducing him from his once great mechanics skills.
    Balked at the Amazon prices and found all parts at repairclinic.com for under $35 including springs for $2 each.

    Looks like they increased their prices by 50% in the last couple months since I ordered but their prices still less than half Amazon.

  3. My advice would be to go by the local small engine repair place and ask if you can buy some from all the junk stuff they keep out back. I got a gas tank, carb and intake manifold (plastic tube) for $10. I got the 2 springs as well.These same parts, bought new would have approached the price of a new mower. They had several mowers with the same set up to choose from.

  4. there are multiple B&S OEM part numbers for both of those two springs,692211 & 691859 are just two possibilities for the pair, they have not stuck to the same part number for them over the years is my impression, but you did well buying either for $2, especially from a hardware…..the big one is the governor spring, it's smaller mate that you see to have needed is the anti-surge spring, is my info gained so far..

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