34 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton 10hp Generator Carburetor Repair

  1. The screwhead to the bowl is chewed up. made out of brass and was almost impossible to break free, one came loose but the other screwhead is messed up. so i can't get to the jet. Any ideas on how to get the loose?

  2. Great Video, I did mine while it was on the genset and it worked great. My screws were mangled as well so I used a vise grip to pull one off and matched a flat head screwdriver to the screw, the tighter fit of the flat screwdriver worked for me.

  3. Outside of having some trouble taking of the carb off for the first time and reinstalling the fuel inlet valve in backwards, everything went perfect. The video was a great help. Thanks very much for the help.

  4. Thank you so much for your video, I cleaned the carberator on my generator and it still didnt start. I watched your video and never thought of the high pressure tube could be clogged. I checked it and sure enough it was. Sadly, however even after cleaning it out it still never started. Any Idea what I could be missing or over looking?

  5. Thanks so much for this. We are victims of Hurricane Matthew here in Florida. Our generator is this same one and has started to cut out randomly. We couldn't find much info on the internet about it, but I am hoping this video will solve our problem. Thanks again.

  6. Hurricane Matthew just blew by my home in Palm Beach county , FL   We used this video as instructed and the generator worked like  champ afterwards.  A special thanks for posting this information and a special thanks to you.

  7. Most important is READ YOUR OWNERS MANUAL!, these will need FREQUENT oil
    changes!, it's not cutting grass, it's working it's ball's off to
    maintain speed and power to your electrical loads. My Briggs+Stratton
    genny says change oil every 25 running hours!, ignore this at your own
    risk as the warranty will be void if you do not change the oil per the
    manual's spec and your engine takes a crap on you!.

  8. I am not very good with combustion engines… But your video was great instruction, and it show the root of
    my problem with my generator… YOU are the man.

  9. I have a quick question I have the same exact generator but I had a situation this weekend when I had my camper plugged in and when I would put a load on it wouldn't it rev up it would stay on idle the voltage will go down and eventually the fuse would trip

  10. When I pulled off the air cleaner and backing plate it looks like there are no nuts to pull the studs out to get it off. I have this same gen. What am I missing? Thanks.

  11. Thank you for the tutorial. I was able to dissemble the carburetor and clean out the jets. Did this twice. Each time I could see clearly through the orifice in the jet. The second time the jet was not even blocked. Still, the engine will only run on full choke, dies in any other position. Any suggestions?

  12. If anybody can help me what was the model of this carb? i have the same generator and i cant find the correct nikki carb model to buy parts for repairs. I live in the caribbean and want to be ready for cane season which is now! someone please help me find correct carb info..

  13. The only video that really shows you how to fix your problem. Thank you so much. This guy is no joke not another part company just wanting to sell you part. This guy is a real MECHANIC

  14. I was looking for a manual for my Briggs/Stratton 10hp Troy-Bilt 030343 generator & this was in the results. Figured I'd take a peek. Oddly enough my Troy-bilt tiller has this problem. I'll search your vids to see if you may have that by some miracle. NICE presentation here, no BS .. just right to it. Appreciate people that do as you've done here!!!

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