10 thoughts on “briggs and stratton 190cc repairing a stuck intake valve

  1. Thats what was wrong with mine thanks.removed muffler and cover. I just took some needle nose vice grips locked thelm on the small end of valve and rocked it back and forth.it freed right up

  2. I have that fvcking problem in my 5 cylinder 2,5 l Audi engine after standing for a year. I'll try this and share my experience…
    At least I have two engines. And noone is working, soooo…
    Wish me luck.

  3. Really good video, to the point and we’ll explained. My job for this morning on a motor that’s been sitting a on back bench for long enough, thanks.

  4. Yelp i have two lawnmower model 20332 it's a Toro lawnmower and the other one is a Tory Bilt both are just about new well not new only never been used much it's doing the same thing since i seen your video im gonna try this first because i was gonna remove the intake valve with a valve spring compressor and clean it, Thanks buddy

  5. I got a 5 hp Briggs on a reel mower. I started it for the first time this year. Second pull she fired right up. Well it sat for about 3 weeks. Posted it on Craigslist for sale. Someone calls says they want to come take a look. I go get some fresh gas put it in. And pull the cord. Same shit as the one in the video. So I took a wire brush and cleaned around the valve. I sprayed it with PB blaster waited awhile then took the pliers and carefully and gently moved the valve. Spun it over and it seems to be working fine now. So I put it back together an it started right up. I suppose it was the PB blaster it smoked like a sailor. But then stopped. and ran as good as ever. One thing I did you did not mention. Be very careful when spinning the flywheel over by hand. I got my finger caught between the coil and flywheel. And that hurt.
    I do not know if this will help or not. But after doing this I went back and changed the oil.

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