23 thoughts on “briggs and stratton 2 cylinder starter replacement

  1. Try to see your video but just keep spinning I can see other videos but not this one. I am replacing the starter in  B&S 20 hp  for the comments seen like the flywheel doesn't have to be remove  I am breaking my head in what bolt size are the bolts holding the starter I have try 11, 12, 13 mm no luck  and how to reach the second bolt to the right that I cant even see. 

  2. This was definitely very helpful. I needed to replace the gear on the starter, and I would've taken the whole fly wheel off if I didn't know this. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for providing this video. It was immensely helpful and saved me a boatload of time scratching my head trying to figure out how to get it out. I, too, thought the flywheel had to come off and I was NOT looking forward to doing that.

  4. Excellent job both explaining and showing how to replace the starter. Your expertise was really helpful. You have my thanks!

  5. I have a 97 craftsman lt1000 19.5 hp v-twin, the motor bogs down at low idle unless I half choke it, sometimes it does the same thing at full throttle, I wondered if the motor has a fuel pump, if it does where is the pump at?

  6. Why do they have to desine things so complicated? What do you do with the battery cable once you remove it? Throw it away? Can you put a crank on it and start it like a model t

  7. YOU ARE THE MAN!!! Like most others, I was about to pull the flywheel, you saved me some busted knuckles and possibly a very bad day. Thanks for simple yet informative video.

  8. Thank you for taking your time to post this how to video. It helped me a lot. My Briggs 422700 (18 hp) was a bit different as I had to remove the engine cover and a few other things, but without your tips and suggestions (especially about the 'pocket' under the flywheel!) I would have been lost. Thanks to you I had her switched out in less than an hour so THANK YOU again!.

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