Briggs and Stratton 21HP 33XXXXX Racing, Revving & Bending Pushrods Per Previous Owner

I finally got around to inspecting this $35 21HP B&S Platinum oil pump engine with a steel starter pinion and flywheel gear. Looks like a nice build and a great price if only the governor needs replacing as the only other item to test is the governor being set correctly as I am guessing the governor is exploded on the inside per the owner mentioning that the engine runs great other than revs real high and bends pushrods. He mentioned he replaced the pushrod(s) (I didn’t ask which or if I did I don’t recall) once and is still doing the same thing and he doesn’t know anything about the governors.

I inspected the carb throttle butterfly plate and is present and seems all the linkage and carb is functioning as should. I think the governor even feels like the tension is correct… though will try to set and see what happens next before I disassemble the sump and most likely find what I suspect being the issue. Hopefully nothing is damaged on the inside as this again is a nice engine and an excellent price for $35.



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