4 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton 22 horse head removal

  1. you had the push rods in backwards. the aluminum and plastic rod you had in the exhaust is made for the intake. or the manufacturer installed them wrong. why they use 2 different push rods, I don't know.

  2. I purchased a mower with a B&S 16HP V-Twin. The carb opening and air filter are covered in oil from the emmissions "blowby" tube that comes out of the crankcase. I relocated the tube to blow outside. After starting it, there's a massive amount of exhaust exiting the tube, more than what is coming from the muffler. From what I've read, it sounds like a headgasket or two causing pressure to build up in the crankcase. However, it also makes the sound like a valve is loose or bent possibly not allowing the exhaust or intake valve to open. But, when removing the air filter it runs better. This makes me think that maybe an intake valve is bent not allowing air to enter a cylinder. Haven't pulled it apart yet to find out. But this video gave me a better insight of possibilities. Thanks.

  3. Yup. She got hot from the hay and locked up a valve. I had a vanguard like that tie up a couple valves during Irene a few years ago. Problem was it was a generator. I was able to take the exhaust off and the valve covers and started hosing marvel oil in the ports and top end and worked the valves free. Wow what a tense 30 mins but I got lucky.
    Yea the shrouds on the newer ones don't block much at all. It's a good idea to remove the cover every once in a while. Yea, throw a head on it and It should be ok. Use some marvel in the oil to help clear oil deposits from the other side.

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