24 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton 23D Nova II Ignition Module Install #smallenginenation

  1. got a 23D must have had engine work done. Compression is great but points plunger is loose in brass bushing nice to know nova 2 will work so ill pull the points and plug the oil leak🤘

  2. Hey zippo any idea why simplicity designed there GT decks to rotate opposite of nearly every other mower/gt? It takes little effort to make the blades spin the other direction on them. Any ideas? Thanks

  3. Depends on the flywheel magnet polarity. And the Nova 2 module will not work with a flywheel that has more than 1 magnet.

  4. I think Bob Tiarks stated a while back that the S/G had to reach a certain RPM b4 the engines would catch. Arn't most of the B&S vertical engines "pointless" IE magnatrons.

  5. Nice to see that B&S $17 tester in action. That ground wire on the exhaust worries me ever since I burned a pocket off my best winter jacket on one of those Nelsons.

  6. I’ve been using one on my 23D for about 8 years now.
    I do think I need to get mine rebuilt it’s never been touched.
    Do you rebuild them I live in Ohio about an hour from you.

  7. Hey Brother! So, on my B-112, I found what I'm 99.999% sure is the original magnetron wire sticking out from the blower housing. Disconnected when someone swapped to an automotive coil ignition setup. With the engine running, I can hold the bare end of that wire. Should I be getting nailed by high voltage? There's like nothing there. If I hook it to the points, think it'd come to life from…Magic…? I have a Nova II waiting to be installed but it won't work for an automotive type setup an I haven't gotten one of those round 2 it's and swapped it back. If I can just wire it back up and get rid of the other trash though I'd have it done in a minute or so! Maybe pull back the blower housing, clean and re-gap the pickup? Is that possible on my tractor without removing the engine?

  8. I think other people are confusing other B&S 23 models with the model 23D that uses a different coil types than the 23D model. Models 23 and 23A use the Magnamatic style coil. You also have the 23C type of coil which may or may not be able to use the Nova system. The 23C model had the points under the flywheel like the later B&S engines, not on the side of the block like the earlier BIG B&S engines. Then you have the models 9, 14, and 19 and what they used and when. Then you have the BIG cast iron engines that came after the different 23 model engines. I have many BIG B&S engines, but have not taken the time to research each model yet.

  9. I am very familiar with snap on the coil version………. There were 2 other kinds…. The Nova like you got and the Atom………. I forgot which came out first , but they both worked fine…. Then Briggs came out with it in the coil, hence magnetron coils took over the scene……..

    Plus Tard Mon Ami ~!~!

  10. You let me in on the information about the NOVA II several years ago. I put it on an old B/S 16 horse in a 1976 Montgomery Ward tractor that had not run in almost 10 years I am still using the tractor year around. That Nova II saved me HUNDREDS of dollars. I wanted to thank you again for that.

  11. I wonder if the motor would catch sooner if the spark didn't have to jump the gap in the spark indicator. As the spark is jumping the spark plug gap and the indicator gap?

  12. All it takes is intestinal fortatude and you can figure out anything hey mugzie thanks zippo we enjoyed it also hello to miss zippo your brother joe

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