Briggs And Stratton 450 E Series Lawnmower Carburettor Service

In this video, I show how to service a Briggs And Stratton 450 E Lawnmower Carburettor Service

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28 thoughts on “Briggs And Stratton 450 E Series Lawnmower Carburettor Service

  1. Hi mower man I watch all of your videos and own this exact Qualcast model, I copied your carb service perfect. Was wondering if you knew if I can get a bigger grass collector for it or if any generic one will fit on, I’m forever stopping and emptying the clippings on this one the bag it comes with is tiny?

  2. Hi, someone pulled the starter cord on my 450e without pulling the brake handle first. Seems like the engine is a bit rougher. Any thoughts on how I can fix/improve?

  3. Hi there, Thanks for posting this video. I have a 2 year old mower with this engine which was stalling after starting and the winter break. I've followed your guidance to clean the Carburettor and it is running now but labouring heavily and still stalls regularly. Was wondering if there's anything else you can suggest as the carburettor looks like new. Thanks. Gareth

  4. Hi, I seem to have the same problem as others on here, Stripped and cleaned the carb completely but the motor is still hunting, any ideas?

  5. Brilliant video.
    I sorted out a sputtering rotorvator in a couple of hours. Gloves a definate requirement, with that carb spray, I used washing up gloves and it disintegrated the ends of the fingers.

  6. Hi there – just wondering if you have any suggestions. I have this same mower and over a year ago on a slight incline, the engine seemed to kick up a gear. It pulls quite fast to the point of power walking to keep up, and the engine is really quite loud and I noticed an immediate change in pitch. Ive removed the top cover and had a good look, and everything seems fine. Really unsure what the problem is sadly

  7. I have a 450e that surges constantly. I’ve dismantled and cleaned the carb, also the air filter and it started first pull but the problem continues. Any ideas? Cheers.

  8. I believe the oily air filter comes, because when people try to clean the underneath after mowing, the flip the mower carburetor downwards which allows the oil to soak into the air filter. Only flip the mower spark plug downwards or carburettor upwards 😉

  9. I have this particular mower. Great video. I also have a qualcast cylinder mower that needs a service and repair which i am struggling with. You never seem to do videos on cylinder mowers, I don't know if you repair them or not. Is there any particular reason why you don't repair them if you don't.

  10. I am probably the most non-mechanically minded person you could meet, yet I followed your instructions and everything worked a treat! Thank you so much. It’s the first engine I’ve ever repaired (but I do know it’s all thanks to you). Liked and subscribed!

  11. I followed the procedure and cleaned all the carb parts with carb cleaner, blew everything thro with an air nozzle reassembled everything and it started up fine, but it still has that annoying "hunting" thing going on. In addition to that, it makes a slight putt putt sound. I'm wondering if it might be a timing or valve clearance issue. Any ideas?

  12. That was good to watch David looks like a nice mower ….I just advertised 4 mowers for sale on f book market place for sale they haven't been serviced as I don't have the time fingers crossed someone will by them

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